Seymour Hersh effectively accuses the Obama Administration of treason

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author Seymour (“Sy”) Hersh does not believe that American Forces killed Osama bin Laden. Photo: Seymour Hersh (AP)

NEW YORK, September 29, 2013 — Forget about whether Al Qaeda is actually on the run—Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author Seymour (“Sy”) Hersh does not even believe that American Forces killed Osama bin Laden on May 2, 2011.

According to Hersh, “not one thing is true” about the White House narrative concerning Osama bin Laden and his fateful end. Think how many people are at grave risk if Hersh actually proves his allegations.

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Reaching well beyond the specifics concerning what happened at Abbottabad in Pakistan, Hersh also sucker-punches the self-reinforcing filter that the American media uses to display President Obama to the public.

Count on whispers that Hersh, at 76, may now actually be a bit daft. However, even President Obama’s media wranglers will have trouble arguing Sy Hersh is leader, in secret, of the vast right-wing conspiracy.

Would President Obama and his team manufacture a false narrative and sell it to the entire world starting on May 2, 2011?

Some Reasons the Administration Should Truly be Worried

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Even Senator Diane Feinstein will concede that Sy Hersh has a valid “license” to investigate and then share his findings.

Looking at the body of his work, one finds that he is a thorough man who skillfully navigated his way through numerous controversies, ceaselessly uncovering solid evidence that shapes his assertions.

Reading published accounts of his recent remarks, we learn that Hersh has long been at work on a book and that the raid allegations may only occupy one chapter. Think of the kind of evidence Hersh must already have.

For example, numerous Obama Administration members and confidantes use email—some likely have personal accounts while others may also have alias accounts. Would Hersh reach out to Edward Snowden, to Julian Assange, or perhaps to disgruntled individuals with access to helpful documents? In the simple words of one steadfast Obama critic: “you betcha”.

Before making his stunning claims, would Hersh prepare his ground? One imagines he is aware of ways in which the Obama Administration and allies disparage and harass “enemies”. One also expects that Hersh and others rising to challenge the Obama Administration have much more to reveal.

What Actually Happened in Abbottabad, Pakistan?

President Obama and his team are not the only ones with serious problems. On August 8, 2011, The New Yorker published an extensive piece entitled “Getting Bin Laden: What happened that night in Abbottabad”, written by Nicholas Schmidle.

In crisp and vivid terms, Schmidle describes planning, execution and aftermath of the mission, lacing his account with numerous quotes and insights from various Obama Administration officials and military personnel.

Back in 2011, others quickly questioned Schmidle’s reporting.

Now the editor of The New Yorker, David Remnick cannot have it both ways. Either Hersh or Schmidle are bonkers—and the public absolutely has a right to know where reality bites.

Related Issues Posed by a 60 Minutes Episode in 2012

Other media organizations appear to join the Administration in having massive credibility issues, thanks to Hersh’s outbursts.

On September 9, 2012, just 3 days following conclusion of the Democrat National Convention, an unidentified Seal Team member described on 60 Minutes what he says happened on May 2, 2011 in thrilling detail. For Hersh to be correct, this entire story would have to be “inoperative”.

Ordinary mortals learn that getting the 60 Minutes team to concentrate upon a story is no easy matter—senior executives and journalists at CBS generally do their homework carefully.

Given Hersh’s claims and In view of the fact that Ben Rhodes worked directly for President Obama while his brother served as President of CBS News, a responsible chief executive officer at CBS must swiftly conduct a thorough and credible investigation.

We shall see whether Les Moonves rises to the challenge.

Getting Back to Benghazi

Re-evaluating the Obama Administration’s record inevitably takes one to Libya. The trouble that erupted in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 did not start that day or in that place.

As awful as the tragedy became, Benghazi was likely just one stop along a disturbing trail where powerful Americans inside the Obama Administration mounted clandestine efforts that do not serve the national interest.

Well before the 2012 Democrat Convention, Mohamed Morsi was acting as President of Egypt in ways that the Obama Administration cannot have welcomed.

On June 29, 2012, Morsi again demanded that we release Omar Abdel Rahman, the “Blind Sheikh” in a move highly unlikely to convince American voters that substituting Morsi for Hosni Mubarak was inspired statecraft.

Thereafter, President Morsi stoked tensions inside Egypt that finally erupted on September 11, 2012, 3 days following airing on local television of a movie trailer that offended Muslims around the world.

To date, no renowned reporter with mainstream credentials has succeeded in pulling pieces along the trail of deceit where America, surprisingly, found ourselves arming and financing the Muslim Brotherhood.

John Batchelor on WABC radio, multiple reporters at Fox News, and Sharyl Attkinson at CBS are among those who have worked tirelessly to unravel the truth about what likely happened in Benghazi, in Egypt and in producing a false narrative concerning the Arab “Spring”.

If Sy Hersh does not buy the Abbottabad story, he certainly will not end up accepting the wider story line running through Benghazi. 

Placing Phony Scandals in Appropriate Context

Perhaps President Obama is right to characterize investigations into Benghazi, IRS abuses, and government surveillance inside the United States as “phony scandals”.

But if Sy Hersh is correct about the 2011 raid, the President and all those who helped sell this narrative pulled off crimes that make Watergate look like child’s play.

Forget Vladimir Putin’s humiliating ascent on world stage, forget America’s failure to constrain Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and forget all the dysfunction we watch now in Washington, DC. The President and a team that lulled the mainstream media and public to sleep are getting a tumultuous lesson in the power of the press.

President Obama’s string of luck is breaking bad—even he must finally know it.

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