Will the real President of America stand up to face fitting punishment

The tragedy that erupted in Benghazi was likely born in reckless support by our own government of radical Islamist groups. Photo: Obama and Jarrett (AP)

NEW YORK, September 19, 2013 One year following unmitigated disaster in Benghazi, the most opaque Administration in American history apparently believes we should be mollified by delayed and circumscribed legislative hearings.

If you are happy that the costliest government on earth can only produce a bit of distracting daytime drama, then you are easily happy. The tragedy that erupted in Benghazi was likely born much earlier in reckless support by our own government of radical Islamist groups inside and outside America. There will be much more to tell in time.

At stake are matters tantamount to treason and not just petty points of administrative error. It is more than likely that individuals in both major parties are subverting a full scope investigation to shield their own culpability—much larger questions scream out for answers.

Who Effectively Runs the Federal Government under the Obama Administration?

The Executive Branch was not shy in promoting the theme that Barack Obama personally almost micro-managed the successful elimination of Osama bin Laden. In contrast, a code of Omerta apparently operates to this day to obstruct exactly what our President was doing on the afternoon and through the evening of September 11, 2012. Will no one who actually has witnessed the real chain of command step forward?

The suspicion that runs deep is that Valerie Bowman Jarrett is de facto President of the United States. Born in Iran to American parents, Jarrett has certainly not been even casually vetted by the media though, perhaps, our crack intelligence services have considered her credentials. Is it Valerie Jarrett who makes the final call within the White House while Barack Obama acts out the role of President? If so, Americans deserve to know a lot more concerning Ms. Jarrett and the web of people with whom she maintains relations.

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Moreover, in the Obama Administration, it seems a simple thing to miss calibrate the scales of justice—hand their operation to a man like Eric Holder. Censured by the House of Representatives and more defiant than ever, General Holder is a common thread in numerous failures.

Under President Clinton, he let a fugitive who profited while trading with our sworn enemy be pardoned in the dead of night. Under President Obama, he simultaneously seeks to take guns away from law abiding Americans while handing dangerous weapons to drug cartels and to terrorists.

Who clears the details of these highly suspect dealings? My guess is Ms. Jarrett, knowing that what she must know protects her from diligent investigation, for now.

Someone important shields Iran while fomenting regime change across the Arab world. Someone relevant orchestrated the Federal Government’s assault against political enemies while advancing the economic interests of cronies.

Is Ms. Jarrett so cocky that she communicates using personal and alias emails while keeping records on computers that engage with the internet? If Julian Assange has not cracked the code, perhaps Edward Snowden has. Maybe they, Vladimir Putin, or others yet revealed are waiting for the correct moment to expose the real truth.

In the interim—step up to the plate mainstream media colleagues and dig in relentlessly.

To be continued.

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