Anna Chapman: The spy who did not love me

How Deeply is America Penetrated by Spies in Service to Foreign Nations? Photo: Anna Chapman (AP)

NEW YORK, September 19, 2013 — Turn your mind to June 2010—just past midsummer’s night.

Back then, a friend and I approached a terrace cocktail party for a famous economist. As the apartment door opened, my friend greated the host with squeals of delight. Before us stood a woman so alluring she might melt the heart of an inveterate misogynist. This lovely host turned to me asking “Don’t I know you from the Hamptons?” “Of course not” rushed from my lips with a litany of supporting reasons (explaining why I am divorced and perennially single).

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Several days later, walking up Sixth Avenue, early in the morning, a familiar face jarred into consciousness—the beauty from the party appeared on front pages of most newspapers. She was indeed the Anna Chapman and it seems the question she posed is meant to uncover fellow spies, not known to one another.

Less than two weeks following her arrest, Anna Chapman was suddenly expelled with nine other sleeper agents in exchange for four imprisoned Americans.

How could the American authorities have fully investigated the spies we let go in such a short time?

The question Anna asked me clearly suggests that she did not know all of her working compatriots in this country.

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How Deeply is America Penetrated by Spies in Service to Foreign Nations?

A former career officer in the of the K.G.B. runs the Russian Federation while a community organizer runs America. Is this a fair contest?

Vladimir Putin, in a regime with utter contempt for law, has Edward Snowden in his pocket—apparently only Snowden knows how many secrets he has stolen.

Barack Obama has enormous amounts of data on Americans—how much reliable and actionable intelligence does he have on America’s dread enemies?

Vladimir Putin must know which Russian spies have penetrated the United States. Most likely, Putin’s working assets include some of the men and women Dr. Paul Kengor describes in his seminal 2011 book Dupes


Where do these servants of foreign masters congregate? Answers include: Columbia University in New York City and the University of Chicago in Illinois. Putin’s active spies likely are not only stunning lovelies like Anna Chapman who stand out in any crowd. They are the faceless ones who work behind scenes, keeping records, writing regulations, maybe even administering the laws of this land.


Do our politicians actually believe Americans are little more than mushrooms? Does the public truly deserve to be kept in the dark, to be fed little more than dirt, to be raised in ignorance?

An informed, impartial observer might believe, alternatively, that the general public has turned into a gigantic flock of featherless chickens, plucked as Stalin did, grateful following all the abuse for small morsels of information concerning what our “masters” may have done in our supposed service.

Americans have been sleeping way too long, in some cases with our determined enemies.

Addicted to reckless spending of money we must borrow and likely cannot repay under pressure, America stands on the verge of a financial meltdown potentially worse than 2008 even as some claim we are actually secure.

Do our leaders understand the extent of this country’s vulnerability?

What comes when Pax Americana fades to black?

It is well past time to reset the disastrous course America has followed from as far back as 1991.

There is clear and present danger rising many places and it certainly is not obvious from the record that politicians in either party have the true best interests of we Americans foremost in their hearts and minds.


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