The unraveling of Barack Obama’s 'Potemkin' presidency: One two three

Today the wrong person is in the Congressional dock taking flack for yet another scandal. Photo: Obama and Jarrett (wikimedia)

NEW YORK, October 30, 2013 — Today the wrong person is in the Congressional dock taking flack for yet another scandal.

If this were a Republican-led Executive Branch, Valerie Jarrett would suffer mortal wounds to her political career for her apparent involvement in the abysmal failure to launch Obamacare, and so many other unsolved mysteries. Instead, automaton Kathleen Sebelius slings bureaucratese at us, deflecting attention from a fearsome reality that definitely bites.

Affordable Care Act Regulations are a Crushing Burden on the Beleaguered Bottom 80% of all Americans, at the Wrong Time

Like other false constructs (“shovel-ready jobs” and “leading from behind”), the mythic promise of Obamacare stands revealed now upon a foundation of lies. It turns out that regulations not drafted in 2010 or shared before the November 2012 election really, really do matter.

Despite strenuous efforts by the Obama Administration to keep essential truths hidden, clear and unambiguous evidence emerged starting on October 1, 2013 showing that the Affordable Care Act is anything but.

You cannot keep your health plan-period.

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You cannot keep your doctor-period.

Fully evaluated health care costs over your life soar even faster.

Discordant reality strikes hard when compared to so many false promises on health care—but are Americans truly surprised?

Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama apparently lead a pack of inveterate liars and it seems they remain so divorced from underlying truth they actually believe they can continue, even now, their pattern of deception. Though they still cling to awesome power, in this remaining hope they are badly misinformed.

The Love Affair with Barack Obama’s Competence and Political Promise is Well Past Over

The entire story will be known in the full telling of history but so far October 2013 is certainly a brutal month. Take your pick of multiplying scandals but there is one unifying theme—it seems clear that great frauds have been attempted upon the American Republic.

Team Obama lie about Fast and Furious, about Benghazi, about success in Iraq and Afghanistan, about putting Al Qaeda on the run, about spying at home and abroad, about reviving the American Dream, about Obamacare and about so many other important things.

Like bigamous husbands who struggle to manage multiple families, President Obama, his powerful handlers, and enablers in the mainstream media could only keep fiction alive for so long.

Today, we are all jilted wives, wedded to the hopeless dream of a man with whom we renewed vows just last November. We finally appreciate what we previously did not dare admit.

There were so many obvious signs before—lack of proper attention around important dates, diminished ardor, unexplained absences.

Meanwhile, we raised the children. We cared for them while he caroused away from home. We could not believe the whispers. We did not want to face the pain and uncertainty of divorce and then finding a life with someone new.

Women sense when spouses stray—they will stay when husbands occasionally play but few accept life chained to an unrepentant philanderer.

What must we do now?

On his actual record since January 20, 2009, Barack Obama is neither responsible, nor engaged, nor even competent. What is worse is that we definitely know he simply is just not that into any one of us.

Americans Will Soon Break Badly Out of Love with Team Obama’s Cheating Ways

The monumental accomplishments—averting a Depression, bringing lasting global peace, and spreading quality healthcare like manna to the masses—all of these claims stand exposed.

We are all dupes, whether we believed President Obama or just hoped his path could work. Now we struggle in grim reality.

Politically, it should already be past the beginning of the end for Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama—supposed accomplishments asserted since January 20, 2009 and illusions spread to an incurious public by a conflicted mainstream media are cruel invention, nothing more and so very much less.

Worse, Valerie Jarrett, the President and their team actually knew material, damaging facts concerning true scandals including Obamacare well before Election Day.

Imagine how the course of history would have changed had President Obama been forced to defend health care specifics starting that night in Denver one year ago, when Mitt Romney humbled him.

Thirteen months following the Presidential Election debate in Denver, we forget how badly Mitt Romney spanked Barack Obama. The President’s actual performance was miserable while spoofs on “Saturday Night Live” were so withering they are tough now to find in video archives.

Leave aside your judgments concerning America’s global standing, cast aside your views on whether the American economy is back on track, just consider what, at last, we finally know about the President’s “signature achievement”.

We expect Presidents to shade the truth, just as some women expect men to lie in matters of the heart.

Democrats will fight the obvious conclusions in public but no Democrat can be stupid enough to believe the President’s grip on power or role in history is secure.

It takes super-sized servings of gall to let Barack Obama travel up to Massachusetts, where he speaks today, and risk obvious comparisons.

If Americans knew in 2012 what we must finally understand now, Mitt Romney would be our President and Obamacare would be on permanent waiver.

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