In proceeding with Obamacare, Democrats defend the indefensible

Obamacare died in stillbirth three weeks ago. Photo: AP

NEW YORK, October 24, 2013 — How fitting that George Orwell predicted years ago the reality made plain in the brutal failure launching Obamacare:

“In our time, political speech and writing are largely the defense of the indefensible”.

The messiah-led team who leapt to prominence in 2008 now implacably turns the wine of a first world health care delivery industry into so much third world sewage.

Only in America would an estimated 12% of people surveyed believe that the Obamacare rollout since October 1, 2013 went well.

Rhetorically speaking President Obama and ardent Democrat supporters of the deliciously ironic “Affordable” Care Act bring pool noodles to a gunfight over the merits of trying to heal the Frankenstein they forced alive.

So, an “emperor has no clothes” moment unfolds—the American President too smart to consider annoying details personally owns blame for the most visible high technology belly flop ever.

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Comedy Central, late night hosts, and bloggers everywhere run three shifts—with each passing moment preternaturally cool Barack Obama morphs into a grating mixture that is one part Sham-wow salesman, the other part Jaleel White playing Steve Urkel.

The dog that Obamacare is did not hunt and never will—apologists for it remind us of Madeline Albright in January 1998 defending Bill Clinton before the blue dress blighted public consciousness.

In pushing a mortally wounded, incoherent scheme that does manifestly more harm than good, power above throne Jarrett, President Obama, Vice President Biden, Secretary Sebelius, Majority Leader Reid, Minority Leader Pelosi and their cohorts can only talk smack.

They have not read the law and the regulations.

They do not deign to understand that expensive “insurance” with much higher deductibles fails to cure underlying healthcare cost problems structurally locked inside America.

It reminds one of the classic moments when Monty Python stalwart John Cleese lost all his limbs in a swordfight yet defiantly refused to concede ground.

Americans will never knowingly elect to pay any portion of the cost to receive health care according to your grand designs.

You do not have enough funny money to hand out to reach your enrollment goals.

By fiat, Democrats modernized the Hippocratic oath (first do no harm) into to a Hypocritical oath (Obamacare is for thee, not for me and mine).

You Democrats are the ones who should have taken advice from Senator Ted Cruz.

Face it, Obamacare died in stillbirth three weeks ago.

It could not survive outside the womb and it certainly is not ready for the harsh glare of intense scrutiny it now richly receives.

Congressional hearings today should prove excruciatingly hilarious.

Expect leading Democrats to claim they supported the bill as drafted back in 2010, not the monstrosity subsequently crafted by regulation writers so sure the plan is excellent they took care to exempt all of their friends from its poor designs.

And the worst news for you—you have permanently, unequivocally destroyed the natural bond you once enjoyed with young voters. They are the savviest, tech-wise, in America.

They will dump faster than they fled MySpace.

Turned off, should they even bother to investigate details and share the information you demand but cannot protect, they will never tune back in. Even Sandra Fluke may succumb to sticker shock.

The blinders are officially off—Obamacare is an epic failure not a glitchy Apple product. More people drive Chevy Volts they actually purchased with their own money than will end up paying for Obamacare out of their own pockets.

By almost entirely revealing your fatally flawed cards, you have demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt why so many across the political spectrum correctly distrust Big Government.

It does not work.

On one level, opponents of Obamacare should do what sensible people do when they spot suicide bombers—get out of the way.

However, unlike diehard Obamacare supporters, most on the other side of recent history concerning health care reform are, in fact, caring.

We want to change the balance of power among tort lawyers, aggrieved litigants, and those who do harm us when they err in providing health care.

We want to improve delivery systems, in part, by harnessing enormous and manifest improvements in the capacity that technology actually brings to the cost curve.

We cannot do any of that important work now—instead we must force Democrats to understand why they will feast on crow until the penny drops and they elect to change their eating habits.

Today’s hearings and their immediate aftermath will destroy whatever confidence remains that Democrat supporters of Obamacare can pass fairly administered sanity checks.

To receive quality health care, one must find doctors and nurses who are interested in delivering helpful services at reasonable cost. For all the hype spouted by those remaining acolytes of the man still smoking hope, those interested in actual facts know simple things.

The real cost of insurance is not just the monthly premium, net of a subsidy that may or may not last for your lifetime.

The financial cost includes all of the out-of-pocket costs (items like soaring deductibles and transportation to ever more remote health care providers) that we must pay, like it or not.

Beyond financial costs, who wants to divulge the most sensitive information out there to a team that cannot run any part of government well?

Having foisted the health care mess upon us, will team Obama next force all Americans to take out payday loans to subsidize the exorbitant charges of self-appointed government rulers?

Each day that you refuse to understand how much you already have lost is a gigantic gift to those who will consign adherents of Big Government to the ash heap of history starting in 2014 and 2016.

Know when to “fold em”!

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