Will Obamacare win a Darwin Award for the Democratic Party?

The Affordable Care Act may be an act, but it certainly is not nor will it ever be affordable. Photo: The Darwin Awards

NEW YORK, October 15, 2013 — Obtaining health care is no laughing matter. Yet the only way to cope with practical implications of the Democrat-sponsored Affordable Care Act is comic relief.

Would Democrats rather commit political suicide than try to fix massive flaws in a bungled rollout of a mangled law?

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Forget about delaying Obamacare for a year, perhaps we should delay it until Democrats can pass a critically scored sanity check.

Make no Mistake, the Affordable Care Act will eventually get Repealed

A divisive law, that few read, and that a thin majority shoved down our throats deserves the date it will eventually get with the electoral version of “death panels”. It is a monstrosity which will sink its incoherent sponsors and those persistent, incurious acolytes who refuse to see the light.

A Government that cannot guard secrets, manage its own finances, or protect the Homeland demands that we divulge intimate details into a website that seems hopelessly out of repair. To what ends?

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We will not know for weeks exactly how much new health care policies may cost on a fully evaluated basis, considering much higher deductibles and co-pays.

Can we be sure the entities to which we pay our premiums will remain solvent long enough to meet their obligations as we age and require ever more expensive health care procedures?

Can we trust the legions of bureaucrats, private contractors, and political operatives to resist temptation and leave alone our medical histories and our bank account details?

Even if we do somehow trust the administrators, do we think hackers will ignore rife opportunities to penetrate health care websites that hardly seem impervious to attack?

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No Insurance Plan Can Reduce the High Cost of Health Care, Unless Structural Obstacles to Efficiency are Removed

All insurance plans are one step removed from the front lines where buyers and sellers establish the traded price of any good or service.

A regulatory maze run amok and a tort bar that is a cancer upon the failing economy now push the cost of providing health care in America far above levels in comparable nations. Because politicians refused to address these structural flaws head on, Obamacare, like previous health care reform efforts, was doomed to fail from the start.

Unless we adjust the balance of power among litigators, health care providers, and patients, politicians cannot succeed in assuring quality care at reasonable cost.

A system like Obamacare, picking some pockets to pad others, will never succeed in attaining goals sought by Americans of all political persuasion to care reliably, fairly, and cost-effectively for every one of us.

And why, exactly, do we put on this straightjacket just as all signs point to economic adversity and gathering geo-political storms?

Against their Collective Will, the “Invincible” Youth Segment Will certainly not Subsidize Seniors

Young Americans bear the greatest brunt today for the accelerating implosion seen across the private sector of the economy starting well before 2009.

College graduates, struggling to repay college loans they cannot discharge in bankruptcy are like modern serfs. The last thing they appreciate or will tolerate is another expensive debt attached to an intrusive, untrustworthy bureaucracy.

Assuming they can find promising, fulfilling full-time jobs (a big assumption), our rising youth will never knowingly decide to over-pay for health care insurance. Why? So that a generation who led them astray can under-pay for health care in secure retirement which our youth may never know for themselves?

Base case assumptions published in May 2013 by the Congressional Budget Office call for 7 million enrollees in the exchanges. For Obamacare to yield hoped-for financial consequences, many of these will have to come from the youth segment.

Obamacare will become a Persistent Irritant to all Americans, Crippling Support for the Democrat Party

In intrusive ways more annoying than signs explaining which politician brought us another bridge to nowhere, each time America’s population encounters bedlam under Obamacare, we will know that Democrats unambiguously produced bedlam. A biased media will not succeed in blaming Obamacare on the Republicans, the Tea Party, or their favorite bete-noir George W. Bush.

Montana’s Senator Max Baucus saw this train wreck coming. He retires from a long political career to the Treasure State, presumably well looked after. What then, of the Democrat party, that certainly owns all of the blame for foisting this untested monstrosity upon us, in face of stalwart opposition from Republicans?

How will historians explain why party elders allowed President Obama and his cohorts to pursue the reckless destruction of support for Democrats long held by the impressionable youth vote, by unions and by seniors?

The Time for Honesty is Upon all of us: “Hopium” is not Reality

How ironic that the Affordable Care Act of 2010, designed to assure provision of quality heath care to the masses, may end up being a cruel deception more toxic to the American body politic than persistent, untamed flaws in the pre 2010 status quo.

Writing in 1905 to a “snake-oil” salesperson who deceived him, humorist Mark Twain remarked:

“I hasten to wish that you may take a dose of your own poison by mistake, and enter swiftly into the damnation which you and all other patent medicine assassins have so remorselessly earned and do so richly deserve.”

Republicans who opposed Obamacare from the start rightly are not so mean-spirited—they call for a “time out”, during which we can evaluate whether the Affordable Care Act is revealed genius or a curse.

It may be too soon to render final verdict. However, Democrats will likely wish they had never tied this albatross of a law around our collective necks.

The Affordable Care Act may be an act, but it certainly is not nor will it ever be affordable.

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