As President Obama brazenly twerks America, Democrats may finally cry foul

The President had the nerve to go into the heart of Texas and tout his wonderful healthcare plan. Photo: Dancing and twerking/ images from VMA's and Ellen

New York, November 7, 2013 — It takes Brass cojones to play “fold-em” with a losing hand deep in the heart of Texas and proclaim yourself landslide victor. Yet, that is exactly what Barack Obama did yesterday in Cruz country.

The President’s baseless contentions concerning “merits” of the miss-named Affordable Care Act are all the more amazing in that Democrat Senators pummeled him with tough questions on Obamacare immediately before he left Washington D.C. on his latest fantasy tour.

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Following a singe-session led by those Senators fearful for their fortunes in November 2014, President Obama twerked on.

Ignorant of evident facts, dismissive of criticism, he elected to walk and talk smack in Texas.

Our President likes to lead “teachable” moments. It is impossible to be effective doing so when they are written in gibberish.

As he has done since October 21, 2013, the President characterized Obamacare, the worst consumer offering since “New Coke”, as a good product sold in a store that suffers only for its broken cash registers.

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Does anyone else see the parallel to when George H.W. Bush quickly lost the hearts and minds of Americans in 1992 for gazing in “wonderment” at an electronic scanner in a supermarket?

Soy latte-drinking, Chevy volt-driving, true-believing cognoscenti addicted to hopium may not understand why Obamacare is truly worse than a train wreck.

However, the key, independent demographic certainly does.

Judge for yourself this reaction last night to Obamacare’s belly-flop roll out from the Country Music Awards.

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The President’s performance yesterday in Texas brings back memories of other failures the mainstream press would characterize as outright fraud were Barack Obama a Republican President.

In June 2011, President Obama joked with General Electric chief executive officer and crony-in-chief Jeff Immelt about the plain fact, central to selling a record $ 787 billion “stimulus” in 2009, that there actually were no “shovel-ready” jobs.

And inmate number 61727-054 is locked forever in federal prison for a relatively puny $ 65 billion fraud?

At least Madoff’s investors will eventually get much of their money back.

Americans certainly will not get real financial returns in their own pockets for borrowing a record $ 787 billion to fund pipedreams. That debt burden along with trillions more rests on the backs of our vulnerable children.

Even today, hard-left Democrats cry full-speed ahead with an economy-cracking multi-trillion dollar government-imposed health “care” scheme, rife with potential for massive fraud, and Republicans are the heartless ones?

Perhaps mainstream journalists finally are waking up.

That in-crowd must regret giving candidate Obama a pass on his flimsy record in 2008 and then failing to engage minds in rational inquiry into the deplorable record since January 20, 2009.

Telling young women who, in 2013 are beleaguered with pricey student loans and clinging to low paying jobs that they should be happy to have a lifetime contract in servitude to a broken, insecure health scheme where personal details will flow to felons is hardly caring.

So Republicans are the ones waging a “War on Women”?

In Texas yesterday the President sank to lows approaching those of Toronto’s popular Mayor, Rob Ford who, like his brother, so eerily resembles deceased comic Chris Farley.

There is actually a unifying connection to the spectacular failure of Obamacare in this hilarious scene from the movie Tommy Boy—watch Farley explain why some guarantees end-up worthless.

Like Icarus, President Obama flew too close to the sun—the wings that elevated his political career so quickly now melt before our eyes.

In Texas, our cock-sure President quacked like the lame duck he now is, in a state where people distinguish real ducks from fake ones.

For trying to prove his manhood in Texas while figuratively eating chicken-fried steak with a spork, for so many other transgressions here and abroad, President Obama soon will get his wings clipped politically—by Democrats, by the mainstream press, and virally across the “Twitter-verse”. 


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