Obama fails on all fronts: Thanksgiving before Armageddon

Dashing the American Dream May lead to World War III Photo: Armageddon (epic pics)

NEW YORK, November 25, 2013 — America bounds for the abyss, despite claims to the contrary. In numerous scandals, the Obama Administration reels from a dual-barreled “truth deficit” that threatens credibility at home, while weakening us abroad.

Reality bites hard before our eyes. President Obama and his team of sycophants lie in “progress” reports at home and abroad even less skillfully than they try to govern anywhere.

In whom shall we believe?

Economic Truths Have Already Broken Bad

Government workers certainly ignore reality outside their bubble, yet in kitchens and dining rooms across America, people know an economic debacle when they experience one.

America’s families, who gather now over Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, understand that private sector incomes are not rising, operating costs are surging, while debts levels teeter at the edge.

Moreover, a glitchy rollout already yields purposefully hidden details demonstrating beyond doubt, that the Affordable Health Care Act is certainly far more expensive than repeatedly advertised. Our seniors are rightly agitated, our workers correctly fearful, and our college students despondent over defraying hard costs of fanciful free health care.

We cannot close yawning gaps between falling inflows and rising outflows as our Federal Government does, by simply printing money.

In contrast, Democrats and Republicans in government spend money to vague purpose, and behave as if they truly “do not give a damn”.

If America’s economic model remains broken at home, even though fueled with cheap energy, cheap money, and monstrous government spending, why should rivals and enemies embrace competitive markets, democracy, and rule of law abroad?

How long before rivals and enemies instead seize the day and take what lies undefended while America struggles inside multiple quagmires of our own making?

Right Now in Jerusalem; Right Now in the Arabian Gulf

Chasing distracting political lifelines, the Obama Administration now emboldens prime terror agents resident in Iran, while giving Israel and Gulf States the back of America’s hand.

In peace negotiations with Iran, Supreme Leader Khamenei certainly humbled America, yet again, in a Geneva process whose latest visible result is so much Swiss cheese.

One line from the Agreement furnished by Iran’s Fars News Agency suggests the whole story concerning this purported diplomatic “triumph”:

“This comprehensive solution would constitute an integrated whole where nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.”

In short, the United States suddenly takes pressure off Iran in return for a deal that might someday become a deal, maybe.

Yet, with each passing day, Iran gets stronger. Meanwhile, we shall get weaker and even less inclined to press for advantage concerning America’s true strategic interests in the Middle East and around the world.

America flatly proclaims that we shall look the other way even while Iran implacably threatens Israel, challenges Saudi Arabia, and meddles countless places.


Why does this Administration surrender from in front and claim that “leading from behind” makes any sense at all?

Simultaneously, the Asia Pivot Takes a Huge Divot

Troubles across Asia run deep, whether underground along the ring of smoldering volcanoes, or at sea level as typhoons and tsunamis too frequently demonstrate.

Do we truly believe the Obama Administration is advancing America’s long-term interests using the Federal Reserve System to manipulate money flows and financial markets across the globe, while simultaneously accusing rising China of being a “currency manipulator”?

Dormant outside her borders for centuries, China now rises relentlessly, pushing most recently to assert sovereignty over disputed, energy-rich territories.

Japan and other Asian nations threatened most directly by these moves must wonder how America could suddenly become so inscrutably incompetent.

Is America close to entering a form of economic slavery, and if so, who threatens us most as potential master?

Embracing the Best Within America; Rejecting Lies

Our President and his senior colleagues cannot tell plain truth; whether to an American electorate they manifestly deceived in November 2012, or to allies who now are convinced his foreign policies are “incomprehensible” and destructive to global peace.

It is not just the number of lies that trouble, it is the pattern of deception, and obstruction, and attempted cover-up that stands revealed for being beyond “Nixonian”.

Sinking poll numbers confirm that the American public is not as stupid as Obama minions and mainstream media enablers once so confidently believed.


On Inauguration Day 2009, President Obama deserved benefit of the doubt. He earned the right to turn an appealing dream into fulfilling reality and to restore global peace.

And he has certainly failed, doing so spectacularly.

American power held a semblance of global peace together since 1989. Under President Obama, this nation seems a paper tiger.

This is certainly no time to shred the U.S. Constitution completely, while simultaneously abandoning America’s most important allies abroad in a witches’ brew of conflagrations stoked one part in arrogance, the other in studied ineptitude.

The thin veneer that keeps civilization intact is steadfast adherence to timeless truths, not calculated surrender to politically expedient impulses.

The world watches as we all wonder how much time liberty has left.

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