Liar Liar: Obama and Clinton destroy the democrat case for big government

Leading democrats unintentionally make the republican argument on why we should have small government. Photo: Obama lying/ AP

NEW York, November 18, 2013Watching Barack Obama try to defend what remains of his “signature achievement”, and Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton pretend she is a viable standard-bearer in 2016, we see the progressive wing of the Democrat party spontaneously combust.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are demolishing arguments against interventionist nanny-states better than leading lights in the “vast right wing conspiracy”.

It is as if the dynamic Democrat duo resolutely defends its catastrophic failures, by channeling this epic scene from Jim Carrey’s 1997 comedic tour de force:

On its record since January 20, 2009 at home and abroad, the Democrat party seems determined to kick its own ass. No other conclusion is reasonable now and their plight worsens.

Inquiring minds are engaged upon Obamacare—they will also soon go back over ground that is littered with venomous scandals.

In the digital age, can an Administration incapable of telling the whole truth cling onto legitimacy after it loses the trust of the American people?

The Greatest Domestic Fraud the Media Never Saw, Until Now?

Did President Obama win re-election in 2012 on false pretenses?

If the battle against challenger Mitt Romney was simply a referendum on health care, then the answer is clearly “yes”.

Today, a discredited President Obama still urges die-hard loyalists to embrace the theoretical beauty of health care “reform”, though its toxic ugliness is finally and flatly apparent to the masses. Facts be damned.

He does so 35 years’ following the day that Jim Jones urged followers to swallow cyanide-laced poison in Guyana.

Is there a doctor in the house, who stands ready to avert self-immolation of the Democrat brand?

On Obamacare, no insurance scheme, by itself, can lower nationwide health care costs for a population that lives longer, while deciding to have fewer children.

The pool of those who might fund the cost of health care from earnings shrinks as the contingent of those who deserve attention inexorably rises.

In 2012, the number of employed workers aged 25 to 54 dropped to 94.2 million from 100.5 million at peak in 2007. During the same interval, the number of Americans aged 55 and up climbed from 68.6 million to 80.2 million. If anything, these trends will tighten more for years into the future.

Meanwhile, one practical consequence of President Obama’s “signature achievement” is that caregivers are giving up their calling.

A Byzantine bureaucracy that does nothing to address tort reform has no hope whatsoever of improving cost-effective delivery of health care in America. This conclusion becomes painfully obvious to the electorate with each passing moment, as Obama acolytes quaff what remains in their cups of Kool-Aid.

Even Chicago math cannot make more services for more people less expensive when fewer providers will deliver them.

Unfit to Lead—Why Benghazi Matters Much More than you think.

As the sheen on President Obama’s mythic allure vaporizes, Democrat elites fall upon themselves to position Hillary Rodham Clinton as President in 2017.

While we finally grasp that Obamacare is so much less than it once seemed, we also grow to understand that President Obama, Hillary Clinton and other leading Democrats did all they could to conceal the likely true motivations of those who attacked America at Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

Remember the “l’etat c’est moimoment in January when outgoing Secretary State of Hillary Clinton testified on Benghazi before Senators.

We already know that a cartoon video trailer was not chief culprit that night in Benghazi.

We suspect more—for now, the Obama Administration controls essential levers that restrict full inquiry into what happened in places such as Libya, and Egypt, and Syria where the Obama Doctrine unfolded.

How deeply and for how long has the United States government, directly and indirectly, financed, armed, and supported shadowy foreign organizations in the volatile Middle East and elsewhere?

We will find out before 2016 why the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton supported the Muslim Brotherhood so strenuously by going back more carefully over cold ground.

Concerning Egypt, what would continued investigation of the Clinton allied foundations and operatives show, particularly from late June through Election Day 2012?

Leading a global whirlwind, a veritable sisterhood of traveling pantsuits, Hillary Clinton laid down markers from 2009 onwards that link in to decades when she inserted herself into international affairs.  

From debacles now raging across the Middle East, to humbling in America’s global standing among friends and against rivals, to tawdry secret service scandals, Hillary Clinton shall inherit at least her fair share of blame for errantly carrying out American foreign policy at the behest of Barack Obama.

Miracles do happen and could make positive differences by November 2016. As of now, Shakespeare’s voice from Macbeth seems eerily prophetic concerning Hillary Clinton’s chances:

“Nought’s had, all’s spent

Where our desire is got without content”

This week, Americans do see that we installed a team of liars as our leaders—leading Democrats cannot tell the truth concerning how to ignite true economic progress or how to protect this nation from national security threats.

After we gather around Thanksgiving tables, we may find this country getting inclined toward regime change—how ironic that the Obama Doctrine might return to roost inside America.




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