No new military actions, Mr. Obama

American involvement in Syria is a bad idea. Photo: AP

NEW YORK, June 17, 2013  — In the waning days of spring 2013, President Obama and a gang who cannot shoot straight with the American people are leaping into yet another “kinetic military action”.

In language plain speaking folk use, those whose sons and daughters will fight, bleed, and die again on foreign soil, we are off to war in Syria.

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When Liberals and Conservatives Actually Agree: Listen Up!

Bill Maher actually gets it. He and I draw the line at arming al Qaeda in Syria as part of some incredibly nuanced, top-secret plan to defeat al Qaeda world-wide.

Clandestine support by America and her allies for Al Qaeda in its various guises certainly has not worked well in Libya or anywhere else, and this approach surely will not end the torment in Syria.

Instead of a clear set of realistic, sensible objectives, the President and his team of inexperienced, starry-eyed sycophants is apparently engaged in “crazy-dancing” rather than prosecuting a war against the militant Islamists who are bent on destroying Western secular states such as America.

They fool only themselves. No good comes to the United States from misguided adventures in the shadows inside Mideast nations. Almost 12 full years after tragedy on September 11, 2001, America still does not have a firm grip on reality in the volatile Mideast where we have already spent so much blood and too much treasure.

Now, as summer heats up, we are supposed, meekly, to let the flower of our youth fall so that potentially even more militant Islamist rebels can replace the Syrian dictator.

Where are the millions who followed Bill Maher and Cindy Sheehan down to Crawford, Texas to heckle and trouble President George W. Bush during vacations at his ranch?

So ready to flout President Bush on isolating Syria’s leader Bashar Assad in April 2007, can Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi fully support President Obama’s latest about face?

Neither political party has covered itself in glory in the Mideast. Do Democrats and Republicans who follow President Obama over the Syrian cliff want to own a foreign policy apparently defined as, “if at first you don’t succeed, fail and fail again”?

The Obama Administration Cannot Identify America’s True Enemies

WABC Radio’s John Batchelor has tirelessly worked to expose the truth surrounding what Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama may have been doing in Libya during and after the murderous attacks of September 11, 2012.

We failed to usher in democracy in Libya, a country of just 6 million persons, using rebels we truly did not know. Why are we trying the same tactic in Syria, a country of 22.5 million?

Our rash support for these rebels manifestly cost us American lives and spread death and destruction inside Libya. It seems, as well, that weapons funneled into Libya may have found their way to Mali and perhaps to other countries.

More than nine months following the attacks in Benghazi, Americans remain in the dark concerning what our president and his team actually were attempting to achieve inside Libya.

We still do not know why it proved so important to sell a demonstrably false narrative (that a film triggered violence in Benghazi) in the heat of the 2012 national election campaign.

The answers lie in the hot sands surrounding Cairo. Last year, people warned that the President’s 2009 speech would not stand him in good stead in the fullness of time.

When the president first arrived in Egypt, America was struggling to forge a small semblance of victory in Iraq, a nation of 31.9 million people, and progress in Afghanistan, a nation of 31.1 million. Egypt is home to 85.3 million on mostly arid land with crumbling, overtaxed infrastructure.

What gave Obama the confidence and authority to believe America should change the course of domestic Egyptian politics from the outside? What sort of precedent does the “Obama Doctrine” set for use against allies or even against America itself?

President Obama and key national security/intelligence advisors such as Ben Rhodes and Jim Clapper are in way over their heads. They do not dig deep enough into available facts or take time to forge grounded and defensible decisions.

The Muslim Brotherhood we ushered into power inside Egypt is not “largely a secular organization,” and it will not prove a legitimate peace partner inside Egypt or anywhere else in the world.

When the truth is finally told about the period leading up to September 11, 2012, we may learn that Obama stood down in Libya in hope that President Morsi of Egypt would restrain his and his party’s public impulses, at least until after November 6, 2012, when the American people were set to vote.

Libya and Egypt are now boiling thanks to Obama. In addition to threats posed by violence and chaos in Syria, we also face trouble in Sudan, a nation of 34.8 million.

Meanwhile, the Iranian regime that still holds tight control over a population 79.9 million is stoking tensions with the West everywhere it can.

While with Pakistan, a nation of 193.2 million and a supposed ally, we have yet to curb their sale of nuclear weapons to the worst of the worst worldwide.

The Dangers of “Miss-underestimating” Friends and Foes

Since 2008, President Obama has taken his legions of supporters for granted, including a helpful and loud chorus in the media. All that has suddenly changed to his detriment as recent polling data suggests.

Saddled with student loans, perplexed by the dearth of rewarding job opportunities, and chilled by the snooping and other revelations, young voters are now flocking away from the President and hold rich potential for credible alternative candidates in 2014 and 2016.

When in political trouble at home, American Presidents often try to burnish their standing at grand, scripted occasions in foreign lands.

On this trip, at this time, with a soiled record in the Mideast, President Obama may find his match in Vladimir Putin who spoils for a fight from higher moral ground on Syria than our President now holds.

Strangely, Mr. Putin also displays much better instincts concerning how to redress economic woes seen in Europe and other advanced countries.

The bloom is off the rose on President Obama’s mythic properties.

Though he certainly does not act as if he knows it, he must understand that arrogantly stoking global tensions without serving America’s best interests is a surefire recipe for his own disaster.

In Syria, at a crossroads between Western and Mideastern values, betraying everything one holds dear through rash action is not recommended.

Neither President Obama, nor any Democrat, nor any American can ever secure peace and prosperity by cutting our own throats in too many unwise and ill-conceived foreign entanglements even as our own house remains riven in economic and social disorder.

Now, call back the dogs of war Mr. President, for your sake and for America’s.

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