Barack Obama: Ferrari with the heart of a Beetle

President Obama is a fake. Photo: Associated Press

WASHINGTON, August 9, 2012 — When a boy doesn’t know his biological father, he will calibrate his moral compass by the men around him. God-forbid he then loses his mother. That poor lad will be as lost as last year’s Easter eggs. A child without loving, caring, doting parents is at the whim of every whisper in wind blowing around him.

I should know. I lost my father at the age of one. That loss was his choice. I then lost my mother at the age of five. That was God’s choice.

My grandparents stepped in and provided me a stable foundation that included hard work, small town values, and a good dose of Christianity. Growing up near a small town on a cattle ranch meant work, and work came after chores. In a small town community, everybody knows your business, so you were accountable. Accountability for me came every day and twice on Sunday.

President Obama and I had much the same life. Our fathers abandoned us, then our mothers died, and we were raised by our grandparents. That’s why I know Obama so well.

I imagine that Obama’s grandparents allowed him to find himself, as mine did. Admittedly for both of us it took some time. I admit to my problems in youth, always wanting the shortcut, and willing to do almost anything to get the brass ring. Like Obama, people considered me charming, intelligent, and so on. And it took me well into adulthood to understand that there is no easy way in life. If you have voids, you must fill them. More importantly you must know who you are.

The voids of childhood won’t be filled with false praise. You know when you are empty, so you clamor for somebody to help you fill the voids. Much of the time this search for fulfillment leaves a destructive wake in the path of others, as your ship of fate powers ahead.

Most of the people with my background are too insignificant to make much of a ripple in the grand scheme of things. And thankfully, most of us finally figured things out. With the magnificent foundation my grandparents gave me, I am one of those who outgrew my traumas.

Those with parentless childhoods like I had, and like Obama had, who don’t have the benefit of strong role models, fail tragically.  They use lies and deceit to fill the void of missing parents and to gain adoration of friends. 

Obama is a perfect example of someone who has created a false persona to win friends and influence people.  He is a fake.  For Obama, the ability to make people think he is something he is not is a rush.  He is a montage of fakes.  He flaunts style over substance, is a master at being the charismatic person who lacks character. 

Fakes don’t last, and Obama has been found out.  Fads are not meant to last more than one season.  Obama is a Ferrari kit car with a VW Beetle engine under the hood. On the outside the car looks fantastic; but the minute you crank it up, everybody knows the deal.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t brand a fake.

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