Black Tea with the Black Sphere Archive: April 2012

  • Is Romney the new Reagan?

    It's not just what we think of Romney, but what we make of Romney. Reagan would applaud him. Published April 15 2012

  • What happened to Black Pride?

    Black Americans used to demand the best from their best, and they got it. Now people who had to be twice as good as whites to get respect settle for posers. Published April 6 2012

  • Is profiling racist, or is not profiling foolish?

    Profiling is a part of that day-to-day activity we call "judgment." Done well, it is an essential part of making good decisions and wisely using police resources. Published April 1 2012

Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson

A former management consultant for the world’s largest companies, I am the National Spokesman for, an Amazon best-selling author, a Fellow at the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics, frequent Fox News guest, and equal opportunity offender ...

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