Mystery White House official takes Secret Service shopping in Chicago

What sequester? This mystery White House official gets a little help from the Secret Service to shop at Chanel. See the video. Photo: WTC Staff

CHICAGO, April 11, 2013 -  No one recognized the man and his wife as they shopped at the Chanel Store on Chicago’s tony Michigan Avenue strip. But that didn’t stop the couple from receiving Secret Service protection and a Chicago police escort.

After shopping, the mystery couple were escorted to two waiting black security vans followed by two police cars. A Secret Service agent halted me until the duo was “in the clear.”

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Who was this mystery official? Is it a member of President Obama’s cabinet? Or a visiting head of state? Can anyone take a guess?

Why were precious local law enforcement resources diverted to this shopping excursion?

As I said, no one knew who these “shoppers” were. I stopped a group of young teen girls, who witnessed the Secret Service song and dance, and asked them if they knew who the mystery couple was.

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“Barack Obama’s half-brother from Kenya,” chirped one of the girls.

When I said the man and his wife were unrecognizable, I meant it. I also asked the teens if they knew Chicago had a crime problem; they said they did.

“Do you think the police should be protecting those shoppers or protecting the people of Chicago?”

“Everyone should be protected,” said one of the teens.

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“But you aren’t protected. They had two Chicago police cars. They had some federal agents with them. Shouldn’t you have the same protection?”

“I think it makes sense because people are out to get them,” explained one teen.

“Obama’s targeted,” said another.

“Are the majority of people who are shot in Chicago are regular people like you or are they members of the Obama Administration?” I pressed.

“Probably more like us,” said the teen.

“Don’t you think you should have more protection than they do?”

“Well, they are special.” explained the girl.

Special. Privileged. Americans have been reprogrammed to accept these words; our founding fathers reacted against them.  

Last week, 300-400 teenagers took to Chicago’s Magnificent Mile terrorizing shoppers who were enjoying a rare spurt of Midwest warm weather. Thirty-nine teens were arrested for robbery and assault. These shoppers had no protection.

Flash mob arrests on Chicago’s Mag Mile

Twenty-five people were wounded in shootings this weekend in Chicago. The police protecting these White House shoppers could have been dispatched to help. They weren’t.

Since January, the media have been drumming up hysteria about the sequester’s automatic spending cuts. President Obama heightened the drama by ordering an end to White House tours to the public, obvious cutbacks to national park budgets - anything that would help him demonize Republican opposition.

But he and First Lady Michelle Obama have yet to cut back on their lavish vacations at taxpayer expense, Secret Service and local law enforcement in tow.

In the end, it’s all about the Obama Administration and its priorities.

Diverting police resources in crime-ridden Chicago for a little shopping for a White House official must be one of them.

Well, then again, it is Chanel.

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William J. Kelly is an Emmy award-winning TV producer and conservative columnist. He is also a contributor to the American Spectator and He is a native from Chicago’s Southside.

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