Pat Buchanan: Trump tougher to intimidate than Ricketts (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)

The controversial conservative pundit weighs in on the liberal media, Ricketts, and all things Trump. A Bill Kelly's Truth Squad EXCLUSIVE. Photo: AP

Chicago, Illinois, May 29, 2012 - Conservative firebrand Pat Buchanan knows a thing or two about freedom of speech. The one time MSNBC political analyst – who was fired in February over his book, “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?” weighed in recently on the Joe Ricketts controversy, the media’s double standards, and whether Trump is better equipped to handle the political firestorm.  

In this Bill Kelly’s Truth Squad EXCLUSIVE, hear what Buchanan had to say:

“The truth is there is a double standard, Virginia,” says Buchanan, a former advisor to three U.S. Presidents and best-selling author. “[What happened to the Ricketts family in Chicago] it’s not simply that Rahm [Emanuel] plays hardball – that doesn’t surprise me. But the Ricketts story was leaked to the New York Times and Gov. Romney, who said he doesn’t want any of this type of activity by SuperPACs or anyone else and a number of people denounced the whole project. The individual involved in putting together the prospectus for the project– he’s a political operative – and now he’s in trouble. It tells you where the cultural and media power and bias lie.”

The saga of Joe Ricketts, the founder of TD Ameritrade, who had been considering the now ill-fated $10 million anti-Obama ad campaign involving Rev. Jeremiah Wright, continues to play out in national headlines and local ones in Chicago. But the Chicago side of the controversy took an Orwellian turn as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel made it clear to Chicago Cubs’ owner Tom Ricketts that his $300 million plan to renovate Wrigley Field was in jeopardy.

Joe Ricketts

Six weeks prior, Emanuel said he was near the completion stage of putting together a public-private deal to help renovate the iconic crumbling sports stadium.  But once the controversy broke, the mayor played ‘hard ball’ and stopped accepting calls from Tom Ricketts.

Emanuel has been quoted in the past as saying, “The First Amendment is highly overrated.”

At least, the new Mayor of Chicago is consistent. 

But now a new wrinkle in the Ricketts controversy has emerged, this one involving the conservative billionaire’s funding of a new documentary based on a book by Dinesh D’Souza called “The Roots of Obama’s Rage.” The film, which asserts that the President’s actions are fueled by a desire to fulfill the ‘anti-colonial’ dreams of his Kenyan father, is planned for summer release.

With this latest controversy, the question is will Emanuel continue to threaten the Ricketts family’s business interests in Chicago over – what should be – their father’s right to political free speech? And does Rahmbo’s actions-to-date violate the First Amendment – an overt, sneering misuse of government power to stifle free speech?

And, if so, where is the outcry from the legal community? And what about those champions of the First Amendment - the mainstream media?

Buchanan isn’t surprised that the media haven’t come to Ricketts’ defense. He illustrates the media’s double standard with an example from his Nixon years – Watergate.

“There is a new book out that indicates Woodward and Bernstein not only attempted to penetrate the grand jury but they did,” says Buchanan. “They got a grand juror and interviewed her several times and used the material in the paper. Someone lied to a judge about whether they had penetrated the jury. If we had done that in the Nixon White House and it had been me, I would have gone to the penitentiary. There would have been articles of impeachment and now it’s a joke.”

Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Source: AP

So what advice does he have for Joe Ricketts in the midst of this latest media firestorm?

“I don’t know Ricketts but when everyone ran from this ‘terrible’ idea that you were going to do something about Rev. Wright, he didn’t hold his ground,” says Buchanan.“[In the Nixon White House] we had all these gigantic demonstrations [protesting the Vietnam War. Lyndon Johnson had said you can’t fight people who buy ink by the barrel. But we wrote those Agnew speeches and he stood up and defied them [the media] and the whole country rallied to him. There is no doubt that if people will stand up and defy these forces, they will be astonished at the kind of resonance they get from what we called then [in the Nixon era], the Silent Majority.”

But Buchanan admits the pressure can be intense.

“It is a tough thing to do to stand up to a lot of these folks…You’ve got tremendous business dealings, connections, and a lot of jobs that people depend on. And when someone goes to the whip and says go ahead and do that and you lose X, Y, and Z – there a lot of people who would say, ‘No, I can’t do that.’”

Ricketts isn’t the only billionaire who has put himself on the anti-Obama firing line. Donald Trump, who hosted a fundraiser for Mitt Romney in Nevada last night, has announced he will be forming his own SuperPAC.

So does Buchanan believe Trump will handle the political intimidation factor better than Ricketts has thus far?

“People who are self-made like Trump and who are independent men – I’ve found them to be far more difficult to intimidate,” says Buchanan. “Corporate managers who come up through the ranks and who are independent operators are much easier to intimidate than these buccaneers, if you will, guys who started their own companies.  I’ve worked for some of these self-made men – like Ted Turner when CNN was coming up. I found him to be a great boss. Whenever there was trouble, he would rush to my defense. He was a liberal guy and married Jane Fonda and everything but no one pushed him around. But that is a self-made man. You find them on the left, right, or center and they are much tougher and can’t be pushed around.”

And does Buchanan think that his former boss President Ronald Reagan was cut from that self-made cloth?

“Reagan was that type of guy,” says Buchanan, “He didn’t mind being needled or kidded but if he got the sense you were pushing him, then all of a sudden you would get the guy who carried a gun into SAG union.”

The political world probably hasn’t heard the last from Joe Ricketts. But, next time around, he may be a little wiser to the ways of media pressure and intimidation.

Mr. Buchanan’s latest best-seller, “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?” is available at and at his official website at

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