Conservative reporter files battery charges against Rahm Emanuel's senior aides (VIDEO)

A conservative reporter has filed battery charges against senior aides to Rahm Emanuel. More thug-style politics in Chicago... Photo: William Kelly

Chicago, IL July 20, 2012 – Criminal battery charges have been filed against top aides to Mayor Rahm Emanuel in Chicago.

I am the reporter who filed the charges and here’s the reason why:

Last Sunday, members of the media and area residents were invited to attend an anti-violence march with Gov. Pat Quinn and Mayor Rahm Emanuel organized by Rev. Corey Brooks in the Woodlawn neighborhood.

I arrived at the scene and immediately noticed that I was being shadowed by Emanuel’s entire staff.

My cameraman and I decided to roll tape to capture what was happening and we did.

Emanuel’s senior aides were caught on tape repeatedly ambushing, shoving, and strong-arming me to prevent me from asking Mayor Emanuel any questions – ironic given Rev. Brooks’ message of non-violence that day.

Here’s Part One of the video:

In one incident, I was standing at the back of a crowd – nowhere near Emanuel – and the tape shows the mayor’s security guard shoving me against a wall with his forearm.

As many as five Emanuel staffers can be seen surrounding me at one time.

Some of the senior aides involved are believed to be First Deputy Chief of Staff Felicia Davis, Press Secretary Tarrah Cooper, and an unidentified security guard.

I finally told a police officer that I wanted to file a report for battery. Ms. Davis told him she was “First Deputy” and pressured the officer to ignore my request, which he did.

Watch and listen to what happens at 3:51 and beginning at 4:16 of Part Two of the video:

There were numerous members of the media and camera crews that day and all were allowed – unimpeded – to do their job. In contrast, senior members of Emanuel’s staff were specifically directed prevent me from doing mine.

Who directed them to do that? Did the Mayor order them to do that?

I was even detained by three Chicago police lieutenants who said they needed to review my media credentials, which checked out. No other media were detained or questioned. 

It was a public event on a sidewalk.

I believe that I was singled out by the Mayor’s staff in a coordinated effort to prevent me from questioning Emanuel, an act which violates my civil rights.

Over the weekend, Emanuel called Mitt Romney a “whiner” over the Obama campaign’s disingenuous felony remark.

But Mayor Emanuel seems to be going to extraordinary lengths to prevent me from asking him a simple question. Who is the real “whiner” here?

Since I began writing for national conservative publications, I have experienced an ongoing pattern of threats and intimidation in Chicago. That has now escalated to the use of physical force by Rahm Emanuel’s staff and I cannot allow that to continue.

I have had run-ins with the Mayor before, including an incident involving CBS correspondent Jay Levine, who once threatened to “deck” me for daring to ask Emanuel a question.

I’ve also had run-ins with other Chicago Democrats too, including Sen. Dick Durbin, and the members of the Chicago media that protect him.

That perhaps explains, but does not justify, the criminal behavior of Mayor Emanuel’s staff: It is simply not acceptable to use physical force to prevent a reporter – any reporter – from asking a question.

The incident raises other critical questions: Are public officials and their staffs exempt from the law? Should police be used to prevent journalists from asking public officials questions? Is Chicago a police state where questions cannot be asked of public officials?

Or does it just depend on the questions and who is asking them?

Americans from every walk of life need to do a better job defending their rights.

The political ruling class continues to spend money they don’t have, driving up debt and deficits that we, as citizens, are liable for.

Our tax dollars are being handed to foreigners.

Illegal immigrants are praised for breaking American law and urged to sign-up for food stamps.

I plan to defend my rights both as a citizen and as a member of the media.

To that end, I will also be filing a civil lawsuit against the City of Chicago and a complaint with the Office of Inspector General.

Perhaps Mayor Emanuel will answer my questions then.

Kelly writes for a number of publications, including the Communities at the DC-based Washington Times, the American Spectator, and 

Conservative commentator and satirist William J. Kelly is also a contributor to and edits the Tea Party Reports for the Washington Times Communities. He is a native from Chicago’s Southside.

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