Cooked AP polls, bin Laden won't help Obama in 2012

Why is the Associated Press

CHICAGO — May 13, 2011 – The Associated Press has been “cooking” its polls on behalf of President Obama. According to the Associated Press, its poll, taken, May 5-9, showed President Obama at a sixty percent (60%) approval. First reported at and, a deeper look at the poll reveals a 46-29 Dem-GOP sample split. That sample breaks down to 35% Democrat and just 18% Republican.

Sound fair to you?

Rasmussen gives a more realistic portrait: In its Daily Presidential Tracking Poll Thursday, forty-eight percent (48%) give the President good or excellent marks for his handling of national security issues. That is already down from the 53% approval of President Obama in the aftermath of the bin Laden raid. 45% say he is doing a poor job in handling the economy. Just 34% give him a positive score on the economy. Rasmussen’s baseline targets for the adult population are 34.9% Democrats, 34.3% Republicans, and 30.3% unaffiliated.

A Pew Research Center poll this week also finds Obama’s approval rating, which went to 56% after the bin Laden raid, has already fallen 10%, or six points, to 50%. Consequently, President Obama’s approval and disapproval rating (39%) have returned to late-February levels. So much for the great bin Laden bump.

So, AP, why are you cooking poll results for President Obama?

The short answer is that the political left realizes that President Obama is in trouble for 2012, and they are looking for an escape hatch.

The bin Laden escape hatch.

With the success of the bin Laden raid, Obama finally has appeared to do something “presidential.” For the first time, President Obama actually did something that the American people wanted him to do. It wasn’t rammed-through Obamacare or a failed stimulus. It wasn’t closing down Gitmo. And it wasn’t a proposed mosque at Ground Zero.

In order to win re-election, the President needs to recapture the middle. He needs to prove that he actually knows what he is doing with regard to foreign policy, and can be entrusted with matters of national security. That Bush-era intelligence policies (yes, waterboarding) and infrastructure are really to thank for the Bin Laden victory isn’t really the issue here.

The Democrats are desperate to hang on to any “perception of competence” for as long as possible.

But President Obama and the political left aren’t going to make that easy.

 In the post bin Laden era, the views of America’s political left on the issue of terrorism seem more strange and unusual than ever before.

Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell have been crying their crocodile tears, wailing about bin Laden’s death, greatly concerned about his due process and the rights of terrorists. Since Moore was helping to raise money for a mosque at the site of Ground Zero, the death of bin Laden might be putting a wrench in his plans.

Liberal media and entertainment outlets, too, have turned bin Laden into a sympathetic figure: a sad, lonely rag-wrapped man in front of a blurry television screen who can’t decide whether he likes Coke or Pepsi. A Whitney Houston-obsessed, Viagra-ingesting figurehead who was not a threat to anyone, isolated in his million dollar Abbottabad compound.

One news report this week discussed how terrorist detainees are offered “Harry Potter” DVDs and McDonald’s hamburgers in order to cooperate. After all, they are just “human beings.”

Throw in Joy Behar’s suggestion that we offer terrorist detainees “$6 million book deals” instead of waterboarding them, and the left’s delusional worldview is complete. It is not a mature worldview. It is a preposterous one.

President Obama also suffers from this strange worldview. It is the same ridiculous worldview that compelled him to give Osama bin Laden a “proper” Muslim send-off. Did the victims of 9/11 get a proper “send-off?” Does it make any sense to pay respect to the body of the terrorist madman after you have killed him? What friends in the Muslim world has that earned you?

This week, the White House also confirmed that President Obama will renew his outreach to the Muslim world with a speech to be delivered before his upcoming European trip. Will this be a pleading explanation to the Muslim world about why U.S. forces killed bin Laden? Will he apologize again for American arrogance to the Europeans as he did in the first 100 days of his Administration?

As if we needed anything to explain to anyone. Especially on the issue of terrorism.

I don’t think we need to explain anything.

It might have something to do with the images burned inside my brain of people jumping from the 101st floor of the World Trade Center. Some in groups. Some in pairs. Some holding hands.

It might have something to do with Todd Beamer and the brave passengers on Flight 93 who chose to fight back against evil.

And it just might have something to do with the 2,977 people who died that fateful day on September 11, and their families not even able to bury their remains.

I’m not buying your new “cooked up” tough-guy persona, Mr. President. And if you look at the real polls – not AP’s cooked ones – a significant number of American voters aren’t buying it either.

Conservative satirist and commentator William J. Kelly is also a contributor to the American Spectator, and edits the Tea Party Reports for the Washington Times Communities. He is a native from Chicago’s Southside.

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Conservative commentator, satirist, and radio talk show host William J. Kelly pens the “Kelly Truth Squad” and “The Tea Party Report” for the Washington Times Communities and is a contributor to the American Spectator and Kelly is also a producer of Emmy award-winning TV and received an Emmy nomination himself for outstanding achievement on-camera. He was previously the Executive Director of the National Taxpayers United of Illinois, a taxpayer watchdog group. He is a native of Chicago’s South side. For more information, visit

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