Illinois Senator Durbin and why social media works (Video)

Without the constraints of traditional media or the cover up of liberal media, The Communities at the Washington Times allows video to go viral.

CHICAGO, August 21, 2011 – Can social journalism gone viral change the world? I don’t know, ask a social journalist in Egypt.

One does not have to live in a foreign country with a despised plutocrat leader to send another shrill thrill up Chris Matthews’ other scary leg. Encounters with Chicago liberal media are well documented, often by yours truly.

An Egyptian expressing the importance of social media during the Egyptian uprising

An Egyptian expressing the importance of social media during the Egyptian uprising

On August 12, 2011, a video of my encounter with Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) at an open event in Chicago went viral.  In a few short hours it was seen by hundreds of thousands of people as the Drudge Report, the prime mover of conservative internet traffic, the gold seal of story worthiness with millions of loyal readers and fans, added a link to his front page. 

The Durbin video revealed a textbook case of liberal media bias at work when Sen. Durbin refuses to answer a question from me, a member of the press, about whether he bears any responsibility for the S&P downgrade.

He obviously did not see the video recorder. 

The Democrats have been in “blame everybody but me” mode, a cry heightening as the present presidency continues to degrade the country.

At the press conference, Jim Anderson - a traffic reporter, threatens me to protect Durbin from the question. Anderson shouts that I’m “not allowed to ask questions at a press conference.”

What is a press conference for then, I wonder? They were actively taking questions from “friendly media,” you can see it on the tape.  So it is only “liberal media” allowed to question the great senator from Illinois lest his henchmen take you down. 

I’m thrown out of the event in violation of my First Amendment and Freedom of the Press rights. The Chicago media bury the incident to prevent Durbin any embarrassment.

But here’s the rub. The biased Chicago media and Sen. Dick Durbin underestimated the power of the internet and electronic democracy. They underestimate freedom, freedom of the press, or its insuppressible nature. 

And, most of all, they underestimated the free market. The capacity of people to think, to understand, to care, to be passionate, to be outraged, and to stand up for what they believe in.

They forgot what social journalism can do; they forgot that powerful broadcast web sites, like The Drudge Report, exist.  

Here’s what freedom of the press, looks like as well-wishers start flooding my article at the Washington Times and at with hundreds of thank you notes and comments expressing their thanks and support for the Bill Kelly Truth Squad, here at the Communities, and my reporting in general.

From The Communities, to The Drudge Report to Fox Nation who picks up the story and it “Fires Up,” their version of the Facebook Like or the Google +1.  From there to  Glenn Beck’s The Blaze picks up the story to Breitbart TV picks up the story and it is listed on Big Journalism as the #7 top story of the day.

Matt Sheppard of does an analysis of the story. Pajamas TV also does a story. 

Hundreds of conservative blogs follow, sharing the story and tweeting it. The story hits #1 at the Washington Times Communities.

My video is being featured on the Fox News program, “The Five” and  Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle explains why the video is important: because the mainstream media didn’t want to report it.

There is little reason conservative women are a threat to the liberal establishment!

Fox News’ Eric Bolling and Bob Beckel argue about me. Desperate to explain Durbin’s crazy excuse for a press conference, Beckel attacks me and the Washington Times, confusing the fact that I write for The Communities.

He says he wants to “knock my block off.” (Just try it, Beckel Boy).

I get it. I’m a professional satirist and political reporter. I’m Second City-trained and this is good broadcasting drama. I’m a practitioner of the dark arts of political theater. So, I don’t hold it against Beckel, not completely anyway.

As for Bolling, that guy is tough. A real man’s man. He takes Beckel on with the simple lucid argument: Kelly is a reporter with a legitimate question.

Why won’t Durbin just answer the question? 

Mark Levin talks about the Durbin video on his radio show. So does Alex Jones and Infowars. I’m on the Jason Lewis Show with Dan Conry on the Genesis Radio Network. I’m on with Cam & Co. on Patriot XM Radio.

Tons of comments continue to hit my story. Hundreds of emails from the Times are forwarded to my personal email. I can’t keep up!

The emails continue and they are amazing and the free marketplace expresses their opinions with comments like Way to go with Dick Durbin! So sick of extreme liberal press that supports the continued expansion of government.  DON’T BACK DOWN!


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, SIR for standing UP to these self serving people!!! You are right….George Orville COULD NOT have scripted so heinous a screenplay as what these blowhard DEMOCRATIC SENATORS follow!! I received this from a cousin today because we are BOTH SOUTHERN born. I assume that you live in the Washington, DC area but I HOPE that this joke will stick in your mind because you seem to have a Southern born mannerisms/morals/fight in you…

Since my video with Sen. Durbin went viral, this story has received in excess of 500,000 page views at the Times alone, almost 1,000 comments, and 160,000 views (and counting) on youtube.

Despite the biased mainstream media, the truth found a way. It is free.

Traditional journalists and politicians would like the power to decide who is media and who is not. But with social journalism, it is not their power to have. Old media resent and hate the new media and social journalists such as myself. But, sorry, we aren’t going anywhere. 

To all the readers at the Washington Times, thank you for your outpouring of support.

I won’t ever give up and I’ll never surrender.  


The Communities thank the following supporters of the Free Media Marketplace, for this and many other stories.  If you are not familiar with these supporters of free speech and social journalism, please add them to your daily read list: 

The Drudge Report

Fox News program, “The Five

Fox Nation 


Pajamas TV. 

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze

Breitbart TV 


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