VIDEO: CBS anchor threatens reporter over Rahm questioning

Watch these Chicago journalists attack William J. Kelly over his tough questions to Rahm Emanuel and you'll wonder if free speech still exists. But beware...the Chicago media plays dirty.

A new video that involves the Kelly Truth Squad’s own William J. Kelly has surfaced and is causing a common. On Monday, Kelly tried to question former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and was blocked and threatened by Chicago reporters. Here is an account of that story. Video below:

A Special to the Kelly Truth Squad - CBS Reporter Threatens Reporter Over Rahm Questions in Chicago

After just one week into his mayoral campaign, the Chicago media are already in the tank for Rahm Emanuel. The former White House Chief of Staff-turned Mayoral candidate was conducting sidewalk interviews at the Columbus Day to reporters from ABC, CBS, the Chicago Sun-Times and other outlets. True to form, the Chicago reporters were asking softball questions. Were they asking him about the questions over his residency? No. Were they asking him about the failure of the stimulus and his sudden departure from the Obama White House? No.

Since those questions were not being asked, conservative activist and blogger William J. Kelly decided to ask those questions to Emanuel himself. The reaction from the Chicago media, given its extreme journalistic bias, should not be surprising. Two prominent Chicago political reporters, ABC political reporter Charlie Thomas and CBS’ chief correspondent Jay Levine showed their anger and confusion in the following video clip. Levine even threatens Kelly, telling him that he is going to “deck him.” Thomas and Levine, together, attempt to shut Kelly down and prevent him from asking Emanuel tough questions.

The video clip reveals why conservative media critics bash the mainstream media for their lack of objectivity and arrogance.

October 11, 2010 Transcript: Kelly questions Rahm Emanuel over media’s objections

KELLY: Rahm.


KELLY: So, how’s it like to be back in Chicago?

EMANUEL: It’s great always to be home, as I like to say, sweet home Chicago.

KELLY: Quick question for you…

EMANUEL: Hold on.

STAFFER: Who are you with?

KELLY: We do a… we’re with WIND radio.

KELLY: Rahm, there are a lot of people that speculate that the stimulus was actually just a payback to your Wall Street friends that made you a multi- multi-millionaire. 

EMANUEL: Heh heh.

KELLY: What do you say to those people?

EMANUEL: (ignoring Kelly) How are ya?

KELLY: Have you been able to straighten out the residency issues yet?

EMANUEL: (ignoring Kelly) No, I’m ok.

KELLY: Have you been able to straighten out your residency issues?

EMANUEL: Heh heh heh heh heh!

THOMAS: Excuse me, excuse me sir, he’s not even a reporter.

KELLY: Do the laws apply to you as well?

THOMAS: You’ve been here for a week, what have you been hearing from Chicagoans?

Here, Kelly questions Emanuel on questions concerning his Chicago residency. ABC7 reporter Charlie Thomas tries to stop Kelly by saying he isn’t a reporter. Thomas follows up with another softball question to Emanuel about what Chicagoans are saying to him. Liberal Translation: Kelly, you’re not a part of the elite media. You have no right to ask questions. 

CITIZEN: So how do you feel about veterans?

EMANUEL: Excellent, I’ll be right over there to talk to you about it. You guys ok, you want to wait a little?

KELLY: So, do you have your residency situation figured out?

THOMAS: Dude, dude, will you please get out of here, you’re not even a real reporter.

KELLY: I am too. I’m with WIND radio. I do a show with WIND.

LEVIN: Will you let the media do their job.

KELLY: What are you talking about? Wait a second. I do a show on WIND.

THOMAS: You have to go away, man.

KELLY: No, you have to go away. Don’t tell me what to do.

THOMAS: You have to go away.

KELLY: So are you his press secretary?

THOMAS: No, I’m not.

KELLY: Are you Rahm Emanuel’s press secretary?

THOMAS: I’m a reporter…

KELLY: Really, then why don’t you ask him about his residency?

Here, ABC’s Charlie Thomas continues to attempt to stop Kelly from pursuing the question. It is a question that Rahm Emanuel avoids answering. Thomas says he is a member of the media and infers that Kelly is not. Liberal Translation: How dare you ask Rahm Emanuel tough questions about his residency?

Kelly starts CBS Chicago’s Jay Levine then steps in to confront and try to stop Kelly’s line of questioning on Emanuel’s role in the failed stimulus.

LEVINE: I’ll tell you what, let’s go over here.

KELLY: Does Rahm Emanuel have to play by the rules that everybody else has to play by?

LEVINE: Cool it.

EMANUEL: I’m gonna do two questions. And then I’m gonna keep talking…

THOMAS: First question, what have you been hearing so far from Chicagoans?

EMANUEL: Across the city, people are talking about the basic issues of safety on their streets, the quality of their schools, the ability to find a job so they can raise a family here like they want to or start a business like they want to…

KELLY: Was the stimulus a failure?

EMANUEL: …ok, and also dealing with the basic issues of the city.

KELLY: It’s too bad the stimulus didn’t work.

EMANUEL: I think overall people want a change… you’re not on there?  You want me to start again there?

LEVINE: No, you’re good, you’re good, don’t worry.

EMANUEL: They want a basic change in a direction and a fresh beginning and a new start.

Here, CBS’ Jay Levine looks very angry and tries to get Kelly to stop talking about the stimulus.

 KELLY: How are you a fresh beginning if you’re President Obama’s chief of staff?

LEVINE: Let him finish or I’m gonna deck you!

KELLY: Really?


KELLY: Are you his press secretary?

EMANUEL: How about this…

KELLY: Jay Levin is…

STAFFER: Let’s try to…

KELLY: Woah woah woah, wait a second. 

KELLY: Excuse me. Excuse me. Did you just threaten me? Did you just threaten me?

CAMERAMAN: Why don’t you back off, man?

KELLY: No, no, no… I’m with WIND radio.

Quickly, Levine threatens to punch Kelly if he doesn’t stop. Liberal translation: I don’t agree with you and you need to stop or else. The First Amendment be damned.

The above encounter underscores some serious questions that must be asked of the mainstream media. Who is considered a journalist? Is it just those from a liberal media outlet? Do you get to choose who asks questions and what those questions are? Is it common practice for a journalist to interfere when another reporter is asking a candidate questions?

Apparently, it must be common practice for CBS and ABC, especially if that reporter just happens to be a conservative in Chicago.

Conservative satirist and commentator William J. Kelly is also a contributor to Breitbart’s Big Hollywood and Big Government and edits the Tea Party Reports for the Washington Times. He is a native from Chicago’s Southside. Email questions to him at

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