The justifiable but improbable impeachment of Obama

When individuals become unworthy to occupy the office entrusted to them, they need to be confronted. Photo: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

CALIFORNIA November 9, 2013 – Impeachment of a President isn’t something to take lightly. But Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution allows for it when a President is clearly unfit for office.

Besides treason and bribery, impeachable offenses include high crimes and misdemeanors. These intentionally cover a wide range of wrongdoing from political to criminal.

Even when the United States is so deeply divided politically, a time comes when patterns of lying, abuse of power, and incompetent leadership must be confronted by a Congress willing to do their job. Are we there yet?

Consider Obama’s pattern of lying to the American public.

Anyone listening to Obama’s promise that you can keep your doctor and health care plan under Obamacare knows exactly what he meant. This was a clear, unambiguous commitment to the American people; and it was a lie.

Obama promised the average family would have better medical coverage at an average reduction of $2500 in medical costs; that was a lie. As was his commitment to exempt the Catholic Church from providing contraceptive and abortion coverage. As was his promise to consider any proposal to improve Obamacare, yet ignoring every suggestion by the House of Representative.

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But the worst deception: focusing the country on the 15% of citizens who remained uninsured, then using that as a pretext for taking over the entire health care industry. This bait and switch is the tactic of a hustler, not a President with integrity.

Remember Benghazi? Our Commander-in-Chief was missing in action while four brave Americans died. Knowing it was a terrorist attack, Obama still told the American people an obscure video was the cause. Is it any wonder his promises to bring the perpetrators to justice rings hollow after a year of inaction?

Even Obama’s “all of the above” energy policy to include nuclear, coal, oil, wind, solar and biomass wasn’t true. Punitive regulations are destroying the coal industry, the ability to use federal lands for oil production is disappearing and nuclear will never be considered. But billions of taxpayer dollars have subsidized alternative energy companies just before the went bankrupt.

What about obstruction of justice?

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Remember Obama biasing public opinion towards a white Cambridge police officer for an incident with a black Harvard professor? Or his Department of Justice ignoring obvious voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers? What about publicly fueling racial sensitivities in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin tragedy? Immature pre-judgments like these only serve to inflame racial conflict and weaken our justice system.

How about abuse of power?

Using the IRS to attack political opponents was one of the articles of impeachment drawn up against President Richard Nixon. Under Obama, the IRS illegally tried to influence a national election by targeting conservative groups for harassment and limiting their ability to raise funds. Claiming outrage, Obama has still to hold anyone accountable.

What about wide-scale Department of Justice surveillance on Associated Press offices and a Fox news correspondent, allegedly to identify information leaks? This overreach had one purpose: create a chilling effect on our freedom of the press. And don’t forget Obama’s unilateral exercise of legislative power to override key provisions of the Obamacare law.

Consider the pattern of unfit leadership: The botched Fast and Furious program; IRS targeting scandal; NSA domestic and foreign spying abuses; and the rollout nightmare were all supposedly surprises to Obama. For a President to claim the news media is his first source to hear about administration scandals reveals apathy, pathetically incompetent advisors, or both.

Obama’s lack of attention to his own administration, coupled with feckless leadership with Congress is ensuring our country stays in a political, economic and racial quagmire. By constantly blaming others for his failures and unwilling to tackle the nation’s fiscal crisis, it’s obvious that the President’s personal status trumps the needs of the nation.

What about national endangerment?

Has our relationship with Israel improved or degraded under Obama? Has deference to Muslim nations strengthened world peace or just emboldened enemies? Did his adjustable red line with Syria demonstrate resolve or indecision against butchery?

Has his support for the terrorist Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, and years of dithering over Iran demonstrated any understanding of the wickedness of these entities? Is unilaterally dismantling our nuclear weapons really expected to lead North Korea, Russia, China, or Pakistan to disarm?

To believe we’ll have peace through weakness while living in a fallen world is pure fantasy.

By any objective leadership measure Obama is unworthy to occupy the office of the President. But impeachment is a political blood sport requiring our nation’s interests being placed above individual political ambitions. Unfortunately, with the midterm elections coming in 2014, very few in Congress will put their own political careers on the line to do what’s right.

The bottom line is that weak leadership in Congress will never call for impeachment of inept leadership in the White House. Even if a strong case could be made, the major media and entertainment industry would do everything it could to destroy as many opposition political careers as possible.

A political war of this sort could easily end with liberal majorities in both houses of Congress and Obama with unrestrained power for his last two years. That would be plenty of time to build an ideological legacy to end the Republic as we’ve known it, with all of us becoming losers as a result (Proverbs 28:28; 29:2).

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