The real source of blame for the IRS scandal

It may not be a culture of corruption, but the IRS scandal illustrates the rotting fruit of a bankrupt worldview Photo: AP/Ross D. Franklin

CALIFORNIA May 26, 2013 — This may be a shocker to some, but the government isn’t a benevolent, morally neutral, non-ideological bystander in our lives. In fact, the reason government can use coercive force is to compel compliance with whatever it decides should or shouldn’t be done (see Romans 13:1-3-4 and 1 Peter 2:14 for the proper use of power).

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We know government must punish criminals; wage wars; enforce environmental policies; and yes, collect taxes. However, when the worldview (the motivating understanding of reality) behind the use of such power considers itself above the law and unaccountable it becomes dangerous.

The IRS has the muscle to impose and collect taxes on anything prescribed, or even hinted at by law or policy. And like it or not, the power to tax is the power to destroy (for Biblical examples see 1 Kings 12:1-4 and 1 Samuel 8:10-18). For all intents and purposes, the same result happens when the IRS wrongly denies or delays groups or individuals their legally justified tax advantages. Clearly, the withholding of a valid benefit is the moral equivalent of stealing and discrimination (Exodus 20:15).

Look at this from another perspective. Profiling is loudly condemned in law enforcement, border security, TSA pat-downs, bank loans, and any other activity the politically correct crowd targets. Yet, when one of the most powerful arms of the executive branch targets conservative groups trying to preserve our blood-bought freedoms and restrain government to its enumerated powers, it’s trivialized as only bad customer service.

Not only is this level of hypocrisy stunning, but would “the most transparent administration in history” withstand the same level of detailed scrutiny the IRS put our citizens through ― what books were read, the content of prayers, who they associate with, and even the political interests of family members?

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Has this abuse of power occurred before? Using the IRS as a political weapon to punish opposition goes back at least as far as Franklin D. Roosevelt. In fact, the second Article of Impeachment against President Nixon in 1974 detailed his abuse of power by using the IRS against his adversaries. But just because others foolishly misused their power doesn’t make it right or acceptable now.

The real issue is more than just incompetence. It’s a belief system (worldview) that sees traditional conservative values as evil and the use of dirty tricks to hinder freedom of speech, religion and assembly during an election year as no big deal (Isaiah 5:20-21). The intent was obvious, to use government power to punish citizens that were exercising their lawfully protected rights. Why? To influence the outcome of an election by hamstringing any perceived opposition to Obama.

Do we really think the self-serving “ends justify the means” worldview of the Obama administration is limited to the IRS?

The Obama administration worldview determined the value of our citizens at Benghazi compared to those wanting to kill us. It saw Fast and Furious as a means to help push for gun control instead of destroying drug cartels. It allowed the Justice Department to punish investigative reporting by the AP instead of protecting the freedom of the press.

What about Obamacare when medical services begin to be rationed and some committee decides who lives and who dies? What about the next round of cherry-picking companies “too big to fail” when some aren’t unionized? Or, what about the value of Israel when Iran becomes nuclear weapon capable?

What Obama knew about the IRS shenanigans and when he knew it we may never find out. But his worldview, as implemented through his cabinet and czar appointments and public decisions has consistently shown a government-centric veneration, with little understanding of the timeless principles that formed our nation. Those principles followed directly from a Biblical worldview that stressed personal moral restraint in exercising our liberties and the restraint of government to its God ordained roles (Romans 13:1-6).

President Obama has publically denounced IRS wrongdoing. But we’ve heard smooth words before (Psalm 55:21). The actions of this administration speak much louder than mere words – denial of information and access, delays in cooperation, selective recall of events, deceptive and evasive answers to Congressional committee questions, and outright refusal to participate.

As the claim of transparency becomes more laughable the Obama administration’s outright disregard for the law and the public trust must be confronted directly and forcibly. Otherwise our elected leaders will continue to reflect the worst of our nature instead of the best in governing our nation.

I can only hope that the tangled web of incompetence and barely concealed contempt for conservative values will finally be revealed in the IRS fiasco, as well as in its unholy companions: the shameful Benghazi travesty and the witch hunt against the AP’s right to freedom of the press (Proverbs 26:26; Psalm 55:9).

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