The sequester and the pillaging of the American dream

The battle over Sequestration is small compared to the larger battle over massive deficit spending and squandering our nation’s future Photo: Washington Times

CALIFORNIA, March 2, 2013 ― If a medical doctor treats a patient for a life threatening cancer he doesn’t have, not only would he lose the patient’s trust, he’d probably face a malpractice suit. If your auto mechanic said your car was dangerous when it was not, and that you needed a new engine when yours was in good shape, you’d take your business elsewhere and try to see his business license revoked. Pick any profession, if we find out the professional is a fraud, what should we do?

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The answer is obvious.

Yet we put up with politicians who are masters at spinning tales of woe in order to frighten us into supporting their agenda, no matter how destructive to us or our nation. The sequester is but the latest example of this pathology in a long string of manufactured fiscal catastrophes.

Let’s ignore the fact that Congress and the President had a year and a half to address this self-imposed “crisis,” and that even with sequestration the government will spend more than it did last year. How can Obama claim that public safety, public schools, national defense and our entire economy are at risk unless the current rate of government growth (far above the inflation rate) is maintained and more new taxes imposed?

The only way this doomsday scenario could be true is if the President willfully cuts only those programs that will needlessly impact the most people. If he does, it’s obvious what the next step is: Blame others for supposedly forcing his hand. In Biblical terms, this is revenge (Leviticus 19:18) against those responsibly challenging him (Proverbs 18:17).

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Deception and false threats are the tried and true political tactics of weak politicians throughout history. Scripture and moral conscience rightly condemn such actions, describing them as stealing, dealing falsely, and lying (e.g. Leviticus 19:11). In fact, the Bible and common sense have always warned that such self-serving actions always lead to horrible consequences (Proverbs 14:12; 26:12; James 4:1-17).

Using the presidential bully-pulpit to unnecessarily frighten people over sequestration isn’t leadership, it’s symptomatic of a sluggard shirking responsibility (Proverbs 22:13). Not only that, but it reveals the biggest lies of all: a bankrupt worldview that actually believes government can meet all of our needs; that it can never be too large or too powerful; and that any restraints on its drug of choice (money) are unthinkable. Why else would such doom and gloom be promised over a 2 percent cut in a $3.6 trillion budget? Particularly when we know this is only a small fraction of what numerous government investigations clearly document, hundreds of billions of dollars of government waste each year?

The federal government has literally left no stone unturned in creatively finding ways to extract and spend our money. In doing so it has gone far beyond its constitutionally enumerated powers and its rightful role Biblically (Romans 13:1-4; 1 Peter 2:14). Instead of fiscal discipline, the order of the day continues to be massive federal subsidies and grants for every conceivable activity under the sun; even more onerous regulations requiring costly government oversight; ever increasing expansions of entitlement benefits; and bailouts to favored businesses and industries that aren’t competitive on their own (Amtrak, USPS, Solyndra to name a few).

It’s one thing when an individual has to learn the consequences of being irresponsible. It’s quite another when our President and his congressional cohorts refuse to admit the damage they’re doing by borrowing over 40 percent of every federal dollar spent, and ignoring the tens of trillions of dollars in national debt we’ll never be able to pay back. These actions aren’t petty theft; they are pillaging our future (Exodus 20:15) and destroying our nation’s strengths – initiative and self-reliance.

We need to stand up, expose and condemn our government’s insatiable thirst to waste money (Ephesians 5:11). On the other hand, we need to encourage conservative members of Congress to not back down from demanding fiscal restraint, reducing the national debt, and dramatically reduce or tax burden. Without these, the American dream our nation was founded on and that we’ve worked so hard to preserve for our children will be bankrupt within our generation.

If that happens, we’ll have no one left to blame except ourselves and the political fools that can’t see past their own self-importance (Proverbs 16:18).

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