Obama’s support for same-sex marriage is on the wrong side of history

Granting same-sex marriage doesn’t give equality, it creates a special class of marriage at the expense of families everywhere Photo: AP

CALIFORNIA March 10, 2013 ― In a battle that has been raging for decades, the United States Supreme Court will finally address the question of what constitutes “marriage” this month. The vanguard legal case being challenged is California’s Proposition 8, passed in 2008 by over seven million voters. This proposition changed the California state Constitution by simply stating: “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid and recognized in California”.

This definition reinforces what every nation, culture and major religious belief system throughout human history has understood: that heterosexual marriage is the most critical social relationship for societal stability and our common good.

Thousands of research studies have consistently shown what common sense knows to be true – that marriage between a man and a woman is the best for raising and nurturing of the next generation and building a solid foundation for civilization (Matthew 7:24-27). In contrast, children raised within same sex relationships are denied the balance that exists from having the complementary natures of a father and mother present.

This has been true from the very beginning, and is just as true today (Genesis 2:18-24; Matthew 19:4-6). Anything else is settling for something less.

But President Obama apparently knows better. By “evolving” in his understanding of marriage, and disregarding the federal separation of powers, Obama used the full weight of the Executive Branch to file an amicus brief challenging California’s right to define marriage by claiming a violation of the 14th Amendment equal protection clause.

However, self-identified homosexuals and lesbians are already legally protected by the 14th Amendment. It grants them the same right to marry the opposite sex as everyone else. In reality, legalizing same sex marriages creates special rights, privileges and benefits to a tiny minority of people, which goes against our equal justice principles.

To provide perspective in this battle, consider the following:

Those who stand for traditional marriage are consistently portrayed as extreme, intolerant, right-wing fanatics, or worse. However, every major religion has historically supported traditional marriage and the need to protect, not radicalize it. In fact, the vast majority of Christians have shown extraordinary compassion towards those trapped in the lure of same sex attractions.

If the Supreme Court rules against California’s legitimate right to define marriage, it usurps the clear will of not just Californians, but people across the nation. Remember, nearly three dozen states have voted to define marriage as only between one man and one woman.

In California and in several other states, virtually all legal benefits enjoyed by heterosexual marriages are granted to couples (same-sex or otherwise) through domestic partnerships laws. What’s demanded of the Supreme Court, however, is to require marriage itself to be characterized by what most people consider immoral relationships.

Redefining marriage will open the door to including all manner of other illegitimate, abnormal and harmful unions since clear standards will no longer exist. Counterfeit marriages could eventually include any combination of men and women (polygyny, polyandry), or adults with children, even incestuous relationships, since any legal limitation could be denied.

If Proposition 8 is overturned, every public school in the country will eventually teach that same sex marriages are the same as normal, traditional, universally understood marriages. This will mainstream an aberration to marriage that will impact the next generations understanding of what constitutes a healthy family.

If marriage is redefined, churches will eventually face a clear legal threat to their 501(c)3 status if they refuse to perform same sex marriages. If chapels aren’t available to host same-sex marriages, be prepared to be sued for discrimination. If a Christian school or credentialed counseling service doesn’t treat same sex marriages as equally valid with normal, traditional marriage, be prepared to legally fight to save your license.

Even church access to public schools or other government facilities could be denied because of perceived discriminatory practices. Ultimately, preaching God’s truths about homosexuality and what marriage should be will open pastors up to “hate speech” lawsuits.

These actions aren’t theoretical, they’re already happening in states and other countries that embrace same sex marriages.

The world is watching what our Supreme Court will do. States rights, religious liberties, freedom of speech, and the education of our children are all at stake.

When what many consider an aberrant lifestyle becomes protected and encouraged by law, then those in that lifestyle will stop at nothing to silence any dissent (Romans 1:24-32). That dissent includes the proclamation of Biblical truths and our right to practice our faith consistent with our convictions.

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