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The Presidential debate was a rare opportunity for the public to see the candidates without being manipulated by the press Photo: AP images

CALIFORNIA, October 6, 2012 – The first Presidential debate was a remarkable illustration of the Biblical truth expressed in Proverbs 18:17, “The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him.” The amount of surprise and shock in how well Romney performed, and how poorly Obama did was both immediate and strong. The question that needs asking is why was this so unexpected?

Romney is the same person and campaigner he was four years ago, except with more experience. Obama is also who he was four years ago, but now with a public track record as President. Since a very small fraction of people personally know either man, it stands to reason that the public’s perception of both is swayed and conditioned by how the major news outlets portray them. If true, this first debate gave an indication of how slanted and unrealistic a portrayal of both men has been fed to us these last four years.

The liberal bias of major broadcast, print news, and the national press corps are well known. Why else would there be such a growth of conservative talk radio and Fox cable news? Even with these alternative voices, the general public still gains most of its information from sources that are ideologically aligned with Obama’s worldview. This includes a fondness for unlimited government; libertine views of sex and marriage; selective valuing of life; globalization instead of nationalism; and on and on.

Could it be that these leftist leanings purposely ignored any due diligence into Obama’s radical ideological roots, his sealed college records, his non-existent Illinois legislature leadership, and his complete disdain for a market based economy and individual freedoms? Is it any wonder these same media routinely downplayed, ignored, or gave a positive spin to Obama’s Presidency as he ignored Constitutional limitations, blamed others for failures, totally disregarded any fiscal restraint, and showed obvious contempt for Israel?

There’s an old saying that a public figure shouldn’t believe their press clippings. Consistently presenting Obama as brilliant, qualified, in control, and virtually without fault was a set up for failure when he was finally exposed by a competent challenger (Proverbs 26:26).

Contrast the treatment of Obama with that for Romney. He and his family have been sifted as carefully as possible to find any flaw that can be sensationalized and reported over and over again. When alleged misbehavior in High School, a car elevator in La Jolla, or ownership of an expensive horse becomes the grist of high impact headlines it reveals the level of hypocrisy in play on a national scale that should be roundly condemned (Matthew 7:1-5).

How were Romney’s business successes, how were they reported as compared to the hundreds of billions of dollars lost by Obama on industry bailouts and bankruptcies? Compare the criticism of any word spoken by Romney during his European trip with how Carter, Clinton and even candidate Obama four years ago spoke about sitting Presidents as they traveled abroad. Compare the pass given to Obama’s weak, apologetic statements concerning our assassinated ambassador to Libya to the hue and cry against Romney’s articulation of our values and our national outrage (Proverbs 17:15).

The examples are legion and consistent: Romney is portrayed as incompetent, gaff prone, greedy, out of touch, and not to be trusted. Obama, on the other hand, is a superman and can do virtually no wrong, is accomplishing the impossible, and can be believed no matter what he says – independent of results or past promises. This carefully crafted imagery was shattered during the first Presidential debate because there were no intermediaries between the two men and all of us. This direct access offered no opportunity to filter, doctor, and selectively edit what was said or how they treated each other until the spin machines cranked up the next day.

Romney hasn’t changed over the years, and neither has Obama. Remember that when the politically correct, useful idiots in the mainstream news media become desperate to protect the vacuous, smooth talking idol of their own broken worldview at the expense of our values, our freedoms, our families and our nation.

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