Children of Illegals and Political Expediency

Work authorizations for children here illegally solves nothing and only creates more problems Photo: Washington Times

SAN DIEGO, June 27, 2012 – Few topics of national importance pit so many diverse ethnic, political and faith groups against each other as does illegal aliens. This never-ending story clearly shows both the abysmal lack of responsible political backbone at the federal level as well as a shameful use of illegal’s for political expediency.

Historically, we’re a country of compassion and generosity that goes to extraordinary lengths to aid those suffering from famine, warfare, natural catastrophes and disease. These actions reflect our Biblical belief in the value of life (Matthew 22:39; 10:29-31) and our duty to show compassion to those that are less fortunate (Matthew 22:39; 25:31-46). No other country opens its doors wider to accept immigrants legally seeking: refuge; our precious freedoms; opportunities to meaningfully contribute to our national narrative; and to work responsibly to provide for themselves and their families. But, of necessity to discourage abuse we’re also a nation of laws and justice (Leviticus 19:15).

On the one hand we have a legal process that allows millions of worthy, industrious non-citizens to gain entry to our country and become productive members of society. On the other hand, millions have entered (or overstayed) illegally and take the benefits of our land without a commitment to honor those blessings or the unique heritage that originated them.

This national problem is what makes President Obama’s unilateral rejection of existing law and the creation of unjustifiable work authorizations for children of illegal’s so self-serving. Not only is the timing suspect because of the need for the November Hispanic vote, but Obama’s speech blamed political opponents for all prior inaction, gave a pass to criminal activity, claimed a moral high ground by targeting “children” (up to 30 years old), and ignored the door he opened for future abuse while creating an inevitable amnesty fight. It’s not leadership to use children as political ploys while ignoring the criminal actions of the parents who put their children at risk or the massive burden illegal’s have brought to virtually every public and private sector of our nation.

Was this action self serving, manipulative, petty – I believe the answer is “Yes”. If Obama is willing to ignore existing law, create new ones by fiat, and play on emotions by using children - can he then be trusted with guaranteeing this decision is in his own words a “temporary; stopgap; not amnesty; not immunity” solution to anything?

The more illegal’s are encouraged by the granting of benefits (e.g. public school, jobs, welfare, health care, home loans, drivers licenses; in-state college tuition; free legal defense, etc.) the greater the problem will become. We only have to remember what happened with the well intended but irresponsible Amnesty Program of the 1980’s. When wrong actions are rewarded, the inevitable result is more of the same.

I admit that children of illegal’s are a difficult, emotional problem. But instead of using them for political gain I’d prefer that root problems would be addressed first. For example: strengthen our purpose in national sovereignty by controlling our borders (Acts 17:24-26); incentivize self-deportation by enforcing penalties on employers of illegal’s (Proverbs 28:4; 1 Timothy 1:1:8-9a); prevent access to entitlement programs except for actual health emergencies (Luke 10:25-37); deny pathway to citizenship until illegal’s return to their own country and apply through normal processes like tens of millions of law abiding foreigners are currently doing.

Ultimately, a national debate is needed to decide who should be allowed into our country permanently. Those that: cherish our freedoms and respect the Biblical truths and principles that were formative in their creation; want to work hard for our common prosperity and unity; and don’t seek to abuse the system – are welcome in my mind.

For me there’s a big difference between being a Good Samaritan during emergencies and being taken advantage of by disrespecting our laws, values and the heavy cost we bear to maintain them. Should we turn a death ear towards the rest of the world – no! We who have been blessed so much should do as much as we can to alleviate suffering elsewhere by exercising a Biblical worldview and balancing core Biblical values of responsibility, compassion and order.

Ultimately, until we elect mature leaders instead of political manipulators who see our national problems as leverage for personal political power, the problem will only worsen and become more difficult to address.

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