When government power becomes illegitimate

What do we want: a government that reflects moral relativism, or one that reflects God's truths? Photo: Minnesota National Guard

WASHINGTON, June 2, 2012 — When the exercise of power becomes antithetical to our nation’s moral foundation, our leaders’ legitimacy to govern is lost. It’s no small matter that the last generation has seen government metastasize into every aspect of our lives, while simultaneously walking away from moral principles that have been the bedrock of our national experience.  

Has government fulfilled some of its proper role? Yes! But, whatever good our aggregate leadership has accomplished pales in comparison to the freedom-destroying path we’re walking down. Over the last generation compare where government has taken us to the basic reason government exists – to mete out justice and provide a nurturing environment for what’s beneficial (Romans 13:1-5).  Consider the following examples:

When government leaders leave at all levels a massive, unjustifiable, insurmountable debt obligation, they prove themselves to be self-serving and irresponsible. The stealing and squandering of the fruit of this and the next generation’s labor is indicative of fools (Exodus 20:15; James 4:13-14) with no understanding of restraint or ability to plan ahead instead of taking from the future (Proverbs 13:11).

When government leaders decide which businesses are either “too big to fail” or should be regulated into oblivion, or encourage permanent dependency on government benevolence, or decide who needs to be punished for making too much money, or manipulate an economy whose complexities are far beyond their ability to understand - then those leaders have assumed an authority and power never granted or expected of them (Proverbs 20:10).

When government leaders use public education as a weapon to force our children into social experiments, values free indoctrination (Psalm 53:1a), a hopeless belief in evolutionary theology (Colossians 2:8), the promotion and normalizing of sexual perversion and immorality, and the rejection of our Judeo-Christian Biblical worldview heritage, then they’re no longer to be trusted with educating this or any generation of children.  

When our national leaders talk of controlling our borders to preserve our security and national distinctiveness, but then for political gain show cowardice and lack of any will to do it, they show contempt for our citizens’ safety, our national identity, and ultimately our sovereignty as a country that answers to God (Acts 17:26) and not some new world order that rejects our rights and liberties.

While most of the nation rejects same-sex marriage and sees homosexuality as unnatural and immoral, our government acts aggressively through judicial and legislative fiat to not just normalize homosexuality, but grant it special rights as a protected class, as well as the privilege of marriage – contrary to reason and what’s best for our children (Isaiah 5:20).

When the judiciary declares that the unborn child has no legal rights and can be discarded like a useless piece of property, it reveals a conscience devoid of moral compass, and rejects justice for the most vulnerable amongst us. The irrational and passionate protection of the “right” to destroy innocent life is the clearest indicator of a person’s disqualification to lead at any level of government. Looking ahead, is there any doubt that with Obamacare these same leaders will view our lives and health as nothing more than a pragmatic decision to reap cost savings?

Even though more examples can be given (e.g., parental authority, property rights, selective military intervention, states’ rights, etc.), the basic structure of government isn’t the problem; it’s those entrusted with governmental power that have failed us. When elected leaders lack the moral character to stand against evil, when they see government as the answer to our problems instead of the reason for many of them, when they are blind to the destructive path we are continuing down, they no longer deserve our respect or to be given power over us.  

Some of our elected representatives are trying to push back this destructive tide, and those precious few we should support in any way we can. But remember, this isn’t just a difference of opinion; it’s a battle for dominance between competing worldviews – one based on God’s timeless truths (2 Timothy 3:16) and one based on moral relativism (James 1:5-8).  When our leaders become objectively incompetent and dangerous to us because of a fatally flawed worldview and a thirst for self-promotion, they must be resisted, replaced, and in some cases publicly shamed (Ephesians 5:11).  

Ultimately, our constitutionally protected freedoms and opportunity to articulate truth in the public square are at risk.  Are we willing to consciously, intentionally, and continuously engage and confront political expediency and government self-idolatry? Each of us must decide, and decide quickly for our families’ sakes and the sake of those following after us.


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