Future Victims of the Aurora Shooting

The blame game after tragic events usually diagnoses the problem wrong and ends up endangering us all

SAN DIEGO, July 27, 2012 – Calling the violence in the Aurora Century 16 movie theater a horrendous tragedy is an understatement. Such evil toward innocent life reveals a deranged mind, or a wicked heart seared of conscience.

Obviously, to detract from the unimaginable sorrow and grief perpetrated by James Holmes does a disservice to the victims and their families, but that’s what petty opportunists are doing. Like the self-serving pattern seen after other tragic shootings, politically correct reporters and ideologically saturated politicians are again trying to leverage an unthinkable act to condemn those not at fault, while ignoring the undeniable.

Hardly had the nation begun to absorb the magnitude of Aurora before blame was thrown at the Tea Party, “gun loving” conservatives, and talk radio hosts.

If this wasn’t irresponsible enough, predictable emotional cries for greater gun control were delivered on cue to exploit this latest crisis of convenience.

Tragically, a common error of modern man-centered self-righteousness is belief that guns are an intrinsic evil instead of the wicked heart that abuses them. The Biblical description of the source of evil is clear (Jeremiah 17:9). Thus, for a civil society to exist man’s fundamental nature must be tamed by immersion in a cultural value system that doesn’t glorify violence or pander to the weak, unstable, or wicked (Proverbs 3:31).

Think about it – if millions of dollars are spent on a 30 second commercial to change buying habits, how would anyone think there’s no detrimental effect after years of exposure to thousands of images of graphic violence depicted on TV, through video games, and yes - in blockbuster movies!

To not accept at least some responsibility for obsessively depicting the worst of human nature is pure denial of its effects: coarsening of lives, becoming desensitized towards evil, and encouragement of copycat emulation by the unstable.

But there’s another form of denial. If all guns were somehow confiscated, clearly baseball bats, explosives, knives, poison, acid, or even rocks would become weapons of choice for anyone intent on harming others. Without a heart change (1 Corinthians 6:9-11), unwarranted violence will continue as it has since the creation (Genesis 4:3-12). Since man has always known that murder is wrong (Exodus 20:13) there’s always been a fundamental right to defend against it (Exodus 22:2-3; Luke 11:21).

In fact, demanding the disarmament of law abiding people only denies them the lethal force they may need to protect their families against lawlessness (1 Timothy 5:8). Jesus Himself counsels His disciples to arm themselves in dangerous times (Luke 22:36). What about government protection? Although it dispenses justice against evil doers (Romans 13:4), it’s incapable of preventing evil in the first place. But, if government prevents law abiding citizens from being able to defend themselves then only criminals and the unstable will be armed. Could government itself eventually become a threat to us? It can if pure statists get their way (1 Samuel 13:19-22).

While misdiagnosing the root problem (sinful heart not a sinful gun), the well meaning reject hundreds of thousands of examples of rape, murder and other violent acts that are prevented by armed citizens.

Not surprisingly, “gun-free” schools, parks, and movie theaters give no assurance against gun violence unless lethal protection of some kind is also provided. What’s the result of strong gun control: cities with the most stringent laws have by far the highest murder rates.

If the politically correct media and our elected leadership successfully disarm all law abiding citizens, we’ll face much greater levels of violence across our nation, and ultimately be at the mercy of an increasingly unaccountable and belligerent government.

Is there a middle ground in this very serious situation? At a minimum there needs to be responsible training in gun safety (Proverbs 22:6) for anyone who arms themselves. A national dialogue on the historic benefits of gun ownership to preserve liberty and public safety compared to its dangers is also critical, and in sharp contrast to the current media narrative (Ecclesiastes 7:27).

Finally, though the degree of firepower available to the public is a touchy subject, it needs to be addressed from the perspective of preserving our freedom and supporting our obligation to protect ourselves in the face of evil – either from criminals or a future secular government that has grown far more dangerous in its use of power than our founders ever intended.

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