Our looming national suicide dwarfs any fiscal cliff

Elections have consequences, and our nation has chosen to give up its sovereign birth rights in exchange for personal gain. Photo: AP Image

CALIFORNIA December 02, 2012 – To the stunned surprise of much of the nation, voters awarded Obama four years to continue his “transformation” of America. No matter what future historical research will claim, this election was driven more by personal self-interest than by any understanding of national imperatives.

In one fell swoop, the world’s greatest experiment in limited government, personal liberty and self-rule took a dramatic turn towards self-extinction. When exit polling says: Obama phones; “free” Obamacare; reproductive services; entitlements; food stamps; unemployment benefits; raiding the rich; and even Hurricane Sandy decided a person’s vote, it shows self-interest outweighs the national common good and the wellbeing of future generations.

Truth be told, conservative values weren’t the cause of Romney’s loss, it was an attitude of personal gain showing up in greater numbers than those concerned with our nation’s health and individual responsibility. This imbalance was encouraged by Obama’s strategy of blaming others for his leadership failures, overwhelming media bias (Isaiah 5:20), and a billion dollars spent carpet bombing the public perception of Romney while aggressively getting out the vote.

I’m not a prophet, nor a son of a prophet, but it’s clear to see where our nation may be heading. Beginning with the so called Fiscal Cliff, any remaining Republican credibility in the House of Representatives is going to be destroyed no matter what they do. If they allow increased tax revenue they’ll alienate their political base and embolden liberal demands for even more. If they require immediate, substantial and responsible budget cuts with entitlement reform they’ll be savaged by the media, Senate, and Obama for being heartless obstructionists concerned only for the rich. This pattern will repeat itself through the media and Obama’s bully pulpit megaphones until the midterm elections.

To end the current political status quo and finish transforming America, Obama must control both Congressional houses, and have a super majority in the Senate for treaty ratifications. If this happens, there’s little to prevent the use of treaties and United Nations mandates to end our nation’s exceptionalism and effectively submit our sovereignty to an international order. History would say Obama should lose Congressional seats in 2014. However, historical precedent isn’t meaningful when enough brute force and negative messaging is applied, which we should expect over the next two years.

What would loss of sovereignty mean? For starters: demonizing gun ownership; child rights over parental rights; drastic limits on carbon emissions; the world’s finest military unilaterally disarmed; international courts superseding ours; and our financial resources plundered through socialist re-distribution schemes. We’re the last best hope for world peace, religious freedom, and individual rights. If we subject ourselves to a global collective, there’s nowhere else to turn.

Who’s the most qualified to head up a new world order - the man that dismantled the only threat to it. Consider also, Obama is a prototypical global leader much of the world can relate to: no real allegiance to any nation (globalist); racially half black and half white; Christian by choice (though denying its orthodoxy); and very deferential to Islam. The near idolatrous belief in Obama’s words instead of his actions (Matthew 7:20; 2 Timothy 4:3-4) is a foretaste of a world willing to accept an eloquent but hollow leader that can exercise global economic control, even if it means destruction of individual liberties (Revelation 13:16-17).

Can this outcome be prevented? We know that ultimately the Lord raises nations up or brings them down for His glory (Acts 17:22-27). The challenge for us is to continue to do good and proclaim truth to darkness (2 Timothy 2:23-26), however the Lord deals with our nation and the world. We must encourage conservative leaders to defend what’s right and not just what’s politically expedient concerning fiscal, social, moral and governmental issues. Federal actions without obvious Constitutional merit need to be legally challenged. Also, state governments must exercise their nullification rights in spite of Federal hostility.

Finally, all conservatives must be bold to speak out against moral darkness as often as possible while we still have the freedom to openly express our beliefs and God’s truths (James 4:7). This will not be an easy path, but the stakes are incredibly high for us, our families and the generations that follow.

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