Chick-fil-A and the silent voting majority

A growing national pushback against intolerance of our values will peak in the November election  Photo: Associated Press

CALIFORNIA, August 25, 2012 — The last generation has seen a continual increase – sometimes faster, sometimes slower – of a vocal, intolerant, and openly belligerent attitudes towards traditional moral values.

With complicit news media, entertainment industry, and public school systems, a generation has been indoctrinated into self centeredness, hedonism, victimhood, an entitlement mentality, and an “anything goes” attitude. The result: a culture war that mirrors the spiritual battle between those aligned with Biblical truths and those who denigrate them.

Unfortunately, a generation of moral relativism has produced an abundance of political leaders willing to canonize the belief that government can benevolently serve as an all powerful protector and provider for everyone’s needs at the expense of wealth creators. Unfortunately, this Robin Hood class warfare only creates unfruitful dependency by playing to man’s selfish nature (1 Thessalonians 3:11-12) rather than promoting personal responsibility, initiative and commitment to provide for oneself and family (1 Timothy 5:8).

The current administration perfectly embodies this ideology and is quickly taking the last steps necessary to dismantle our free enterprise, market-based system to replace it with a coldly pragmatic, restraint-free statism. With government then in absolute control of our lives, no one will be able to better their situation through their own hard work.

Fortunately, even in this dire time, there are amazing counter trends. In spite of most churches refusing to be the moral conscience to the nation, and the narrowness of mainstream reporting, talk radio and Fox news have helped shape the public dialogue on issues of the day. While pulpits are silent about government theft of wealth and its appetite for indebtedness, the Tea Party has emerged to challenge government’s intrusion in our lives and the bankrupting of America. Contrary to what the mainstream news thinks, this movement has not disappeared but instead has grown, matured and become more focused since the 2010 midterm elections. For one recent example, remember the failed recall of Governor Walker in Wisconsin by out-of-control labor unions?

What about the family? Same-sex marriage has only been implemented through raw judicial fiat or political grandstanding by liberal state legislatures. When submitted to a popular vote, 32 states affirmed traditional marriage and clearly rejected same-sex marriage. These contests were won by those who knew right from wrong and through the organizational skills and commitment of Roman Catholics and Mormons; while evangelical leaders often stood on the sidelines.

What about the marketplace? Recently J. C. Penny came out with gay friendly advertising and its stock plummeted, not because of church leaders leading the way but because so many are fed up with the in-your-face sexual lifestyles constantly being promoted. And even more recently, when the CEO of Chick-fil-A openly supported traditional marriage and rejected same-sex marriage, hundreds of thousands of people across the nation voted for him by opening their wallets at his fast food restaurants.

There’s an interesting pattern here. When conservatives get involved, fiscal irresponsibility is rejected, marriage is protected, godly businesses are supported, and conservatives are placed in office. Remarkably, this groundswell is supported by massive numbers of Christians in spite of the lack of widespread pastoral involvement in equipping or encouraging their flocks to become involved (Matthew 5:13-16).

This is all leading up to a truly pivotal Fall election with the Presidency, Obamacare, and the country on the line. As November gets closer, the hypocrisy of liberalism, the playing to race and class envy, the shrillness of homosexual activism, the demonizing of Biblical values, and the obvious denial of four years of incompetent economic manipulation will give people of faith the opportunity to once more stand up and be counted. They may be silently taking care of their own lives, but when given the chance they’ll speak loudly at the polls for what’s right.

Contrary to what sexual libertines say, or those that want government to be their parent, or those who envy successful people, we’re not on the wrong side of history; in reality, liberalism is on the wrong side of Biblical morality, and it will fail.

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