Summer Slam 2012 August 19 at 8pm EDT: Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H (video)

HOUSTON, August 18 2012 – This Sunday the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) pay-per-view event, Summer Slam, is guaranteed to entertain and mesmerize audiences worldwide. Many non-wrestling fans will be tuning into this event because of the main event, Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H.

This is the second match for Lesnar since he returned to the WWE last March when he faced John Cena (for those that doubt the impact of wrestling I urge you to watch that match).

Brock Lesnar is synonymous with ratings and controversy. The two highest PPV buys ever for the UFC was thanks to Brock Lesnar ($1,600,000 and $1,160,000). When Lesnar returned to the WWE their ratings automatically jumped up for that Monday Night Raw. Whether people love Lesnar or hate him, they watch him.

MMA and wrestling fans are excited about this Sunday, because Triple H and Brock Lesnar have never faced off before. As a former MMA competitor and professional wrestler, this match is a fantasy match come true for me.

Both men have huge credentials; Brock Lesnar is a former NCAA Wrestling Champion, Big Ten Conference Champion, three time WWE Champion, IWGP Heavyweight Champion, and UFC Heavyweight Champion to just name a few.

Triple H (photo via associated press)

Triple H is a former eight time WWE Champion, five time World Heavyweight Champion, two time European Champion, five time Intercontinental Champion, amongst many other titles. In addition to the anticipation and their accolades, these beasts are known to work very tight or stiff in the ring.; both men have said that this Sunday will not be a wrestling match, but a fight.

Summer Slam card and predictions

Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler

 I really want Jericho to pass the torch to Ziggler, but not at this event. It makes more sense for Jericho to go over (wrestling term for winning), then Ziggler attack him at the end extending their feud; of which Ziggler should get the better of. Expect a lot of high spots in this match along with classic technical wrestling that tells a story in the ring, at the end of which I predict Jericho will be victorious.

Kane vs. Daniel Bryan

 This will be the classic tale of technical prowess versus sheer raw power, as the tactician Bryan takes on the powerhouse, Kane. Bryan is on fire as of late and Kane doesn’t need the push right now. If the WWE wants to continue capitalizing on the success of Bryan, they will put him over. This match is going to be entertaining and Bryan always impresses. Get ready for the “Yes” chants and for Bryan to be the victor.  

United States Championship

Santino Marella (Champion) vs. Antonio Cesaro

Santino is way over with the fans and doesn’t need to keep the title for that to still be the case, Cesaro is new to the stable of the WWE and has already defeated Marella in a non-title match. I think the WWE should take advantage of this newcomer and really have him make an impact and give him a push, my prediction, Cesaro.

Intercontinental Title

The Miz (Champion) vs. Rey Mysterio

The Miz fresh off his return, after filming a movie, captured the IC title just a handful of weeks back. It would be foolish to have him drop it so soon, however, Rey Mysterio is also on a fresh return to the WWE and I could see them putting the strap on him. In the end the Miz is more entertaining, a better technical worker, and needs some character development which this title could lead to; expect Miz to go over on Mysterio.

WWE Tag Team Championship

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth (Champions) vs. the Prime Time Players

The tag team division in wrestling is suffering, majorly! There are only a handful of legitimate tag teams. Because of this, this is a match that we all have seen over the last couple of months, and Kofi and Truth have retained the titles every time. If we are going to see this match yet again, it only makes sense if the Prime Time Players go over and get the straps.

WWE Championship

CM Punk (Champion) vs. John Cena vs. the Big Show

Champion CM Punk (photo via associated press)

We have seen these three men wrestle each other in traditional singles competition, now they all are going against each other in a triple threat match. CM Punk has established himself as the Champion after capturing the title last year. We know that the Rock is returning to the Royal Rumble in January to face the champion and he hopes that it is Punk. It makes zero sense to put the title on Cena or the Big Show right now, expect Punk to retain the title.

World Championship

Sheamus (Champion) vs. Alberto Del Rio

This is a rematch from the last WWE PPV and we have seen this match several times. This time however, expect Del Rio to become the next World Champion. Sheamus is becoming stale and the crowd is becoming bored, Del Rio is a much better competitor and deserves to be the champion.

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

This is going to be a match filled with stiff shots, high impact, and classic story telling. At the end of this battle you can expect Brock Lesnar to walkout the winner; but both men will be battered at the end of this contest.

Whether you’re a longtime wrestling fan, or tuning in to see Lesnar, this event promises to deliver action, entertainment, and storytelling that only the WWE can provide.

Fans, join us for a live fight chat online as we follow the action for you right here on Communities at Washington Times.


Carter Lee is a former professional wrestler, MMA competitor, and current author, columnist, professional speaker, radio show co-host, and public personality. For more information on booking Carter for a speaking engagement, or to see all of his work, please visit Innovative Social Dynamics, LLC.

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