Balls Without Discretion Archive: October 2011

  • An appeal for college hoops

    With the NBA season seemingly terminated, college basketball will have to take its place with the mass of lost fans. You won't be disappointed. Published October 24 2011

  • The odd story of Mike Brown and Carson Palmer ends in more oddity

    The saga of Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown and quarterback Carson Palmer was seemingly destined for a bitter end. Thanks to Hue Jackson and the Oakland Raiders, both sides are happy. Published October 18 2011

  • NBA lockout: The end of the casual fan

    We haven't seen the last of players and owners squabbling for more cash. The NBA lockout is sprawling out of control and losing fans with each passing day. Published October 12 2011

Samuel Bovard

Samuel Bovard

Sam Bovard is a weird dude on the cusp of adulthood. His immaculate capacity for sports knowledge has terminally crippled his social skills, leaving him paralyzed in large groups, and halted the growth of his maturity at age thirteen. But ...

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