Advice to Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, celebs: Time to get it together

You don’t have to be famous to lose control. Here’s how to get it back and so can celebrities. Photo: Justin Bieber performing in London AP

SALT LAKE CITY, March 12, 2013 — For those of you who have been reading the news, it’s almost impossible to miss the daily headlines about celebrities spiraling out of control. Chris Brown dropping F bombs on valet workers, Lindsay Lohan on house arrest again, Justin Bieber running around London with his shirt off, and the possible implosion of Miley Cyrus’ would-be nuptials. Whew, it’s a lot to take in.

It would seem like these people, while lovely and talented, don’t know how to get it together. If you’re a human, with or without the paparazzi following your every move, you may know what that feels like.

But not to worry, as overwhelming as things may seem, there is a way out.

When the events of our lives either are or feel to be out of control, we can gain structure by choosing to focus on one specific area of needed growth. Many people make the mistake of constantly highlighting all of the areas where they feel they are falling short.

Lindsay Lohan in court with her lawyer AP

“My room is a mess,” “I’m over weight, “I’m in debt,” “I’m not getting along with any of my friends,” “I have 1 million emails to respond to,” etc. All this laundry list serves to do is create a paralyzing effect so it becomes nearly impossible to get anything done.

Instead select one thing and focus on that: If school is your issue, commit to one hour in the library a day. That’s not enough time to finish all of your assignments, but maybe it’s enough time to finish one.

You are now one step closer to your goal. You have improved and that progress can be celebrated and used to propel you onto your next task.

Maybe weight loss is your issue. Fifty lbs. seems incredibly out of reach. What about five pounds? Or even one pound? Follow the cut and add strategy: cut one thing out (i.e. soda) and add one thing in (a daily ten minute walk). Again, this won’t make you bikini ready in two weeks, but you’re on your way to increased health. Plus you’re on your way to achieving your goal and gaining control of your life.

One of the most important things to remember is that through small adjustments, great success can be achieved.

So, to our celebrity friends, in case you’re reading, we love you, and here are some simple things you too might consider trying:

Avoid saying the F word on camera, keep your shirt on in London, say no to drugs, don’t lend ’lil twist or ’lil anybody your cars, take time to dance with Ellen on the Ellen DeGeneres show, close the Selena Gomez chapters of your life, and take 10 deep breaths before you say anything to the paparazzi.

Feeling overwhelmed? Choose just one to start. Things will get better. We are rooting for you.

Angela Trusty is the author of the advice column Ask Angela. Ask Angela appears Tuesdays and Fridays here in Communities and Saturdays in the Deseret News. Follow Angela on twitter @angelatrusty and on Facebook.

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