Six Internet sites that are a grown up’s guide to being an adult

You probably have so many questions, so here’s a little help from the web. Photo: The road to being a grown-up adult can be smooth or rocky

SALT LAKE CITY, April 19, 2013 — Daily, we ask ourselves the question, “What am I doing with my life?”; “Should I move back to _____(insert place)?”; “Should I marry____(insert person)?”; “What am I good at?”; “How can I accomplish my dreams?”; “Where can I find a career that matters?”; “What about my student loans?”; “Should I get my own place?”; and “Are these wrinkles on my face?” And so on and so on. It’s exhausting.

Ages 18 to 35 can feel like a time of constant questions, questions that seem to have either 50,000 answers or 0 answers, both are paralyzing scenarios. The truth is, even though it may feel like it, we’re not alone in our relationship, career struggles and/or internal struggles. There are millions of people struggling to find their paths in this world. So what is to be done? How can we ease up on ourselves? And learn the answers to our many questions? Here is a list of internet creations that seek to help you embrace/laugh at/endure/and answer at least a few of your questions:

Six Sites For The Post Graduate Adult

1. Adulting – The tagline for this site is “How to become a grown-up in 468 easy(ish) steps,” but reading through it makes the “stress” of this transitory life period sound more fun than anything else. From feeding your cat a can of tuna because you forgot to buy cat food to not actually being happy that your friend got that new job, blog author Kelly Williams Brown tells us all the things we’re already thinking and helps us feel okay about it in the process.  Life is complex, and you’re probably not doing it “right,” but that’s okay, enjoy it all the same.

2. Levo League – Pronounced “lay-vo,” Levo League is a career focused social networking site that will make you feel really important, even if you’re not quite there yet. There is a there is for you. Unemployed right now but still want to learn from the greats? Stop by Levo League’s Office Hours and learn how to get from your bed/cubicle/minimum wage salaried job to the career of your dreams. Top execs from PepsiCo, Target and Facebook, etc. lend their time to young men and women just like you, many of whom have been in positions just like yours and their stories of success are inspiring and informational.

3. TED Talks – This site should be renamed, “How to become the most interesting person in the room in less than an hour.” Video lectures that are too short to be boring school you on literally everything. Want to have something unique to have small talk about before an interview? On a date? With your roommate’s parents? Go to Ted Talks.

4. – In an increasingly digital world, a sharp command of Windows Paint probably isn’t going to cut it. is a site that helps you set yourself apart digitally. How long has your amazing idea been sitting on the shelf of your mind because you’re not sure how to execute it? Or you feel like you can only get the skills from a grad school that you can’t afford right now? can get you started. Learn how to make a logo, create a professional website and edit that awesome video. The next time you find yourself thinking about what you would create if you had more resources, see Lynda, you have more than you think.

5. Capitol Hill Style – Remember when Mark Twain said, “The clothes make the man…”? It’s okay if you don’t, but he did say it. Author of “Belle” of Capitol Hill Style has got this concept down. She’s created a site that addresses all of your wardrobe and grooming needs as a professional woman. Are there wrinkles on your skirt? Wrinkles on your face? Belle has a solution for you.

6. Netflix – Maybe you’ve read this list and feel like you don’t want to do any of these things ever. Things are too stressful, your friends are too annoying and your job is too awful. Pick a Saturday, go to your room, turn on Netflix, watch every episode of House of Cards or House of Dixie and do nothing else all day. This might not be the plan of action prescribed by most doctors or therapists, but thousands can attest that a day on Netflix can cure a lot of what ails you, so go ahead and try it. No one is judging you.

Remember, the internet is full of useful tools to help you navigate your ever-changing life and provide solutions to your adult and semi-adult issues, but the best tip is that it’s okay to live in the unknown for a while, it’s okay to wonder “what to do,” and it’s okay to feel like nothing is figured out. We’re all in this together.

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