Going Punk with Steampunk

I will never get bored of steampunk. You can slap this type of art onto anything and it will still look awesome.
Photo: Steampunk kitchen/ public image

WASHINGTON, August 13, 2013 — Don’t get me wrong. I like modern technology. However, steampunk has its own mesmerizing charm that often feels more realistic than clean, futuristic and modern tech.

I think if the world goes into some post-apocalyptic future where all our fossil fuels and modern technologies run out and fall to their demise, we might need to go back to those good old steam-powered machinery, which I personally don’t mind at all. (Zombies and other creepy creatures, however, are definitely less welcome.)

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Steam Infiltration in Pop Culture

It was in 1987 when K.W. Jeter, author of the novel Morlock Night, came up with the term steampunk to describe a new sub-genre of fiction where steam (and not electricity, gasoline, nuclear reactors, or any other energy source) brought about our “present” technological advancements. The result is a highly stylized design that is at once futuristic and old. 

Since then, artistic inspiration from this literary genre has infiltrated almost every facet of pop culture and daily life including movies, anime, cosplay or costume play, and even cars such as those called “Rat-Rods” (which I’m thinking of writing about eventually).

Among my favorite embodiments of such artistic inspiration is this Ironman cosplay, re-invented steampunk style.

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Steampunk Ironman Cosplay

Interestingly (and rather ironically), steampunk also broke through the vapor-“smoking” population, with people modifying their pipes and e-cigarettes to look like steampunk devices.

Steampunk-Ecig. (Yup… that’s an electronic cigarette)

While we’re on the topic of mods, laptops and other gadgets were also customized to look all steampunk. (Mine will soon be underway.)

One of my personal favorites I saw online. By Doc Datamancer

But of course, when we talk about pop culture, we cannot leave movies out. Steampunk has already been featured in a number of films, including Will Smith’s Wild Wild West, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and so much more.

I haven’t watched Franklyn or Steamboy, but people tell me these films have a ton of steampunk in them. I’m definitely going to look for these movies soon.

From the movie Franklyn. By the way I’m really into masks so I need to watch this one.

Finally, the Rat Rods, my personal favorite. I think they still carry that steampunk feel even if in actuality, they run on gas.

an example of a Rat Rod. That is ART.

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