Allen West: Grayson, the TEA Party, and the real racists in America

Last week, Rep. Alan Grayson did the TEA Party a favor by reminding Americans which is the party of  slavery, secession, segregation and hidden bigotry. Photo:

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fl, October 28, 2013 – The Constitutional conservative grassroots movement called the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party has become the favored whipping boy of the elite class of both political parties, and once again is being attacked as “racist.”

The modus operandi of Washington DC is to attack that which it does not understand or threatens its existence.

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What is so threatening about the TEA Party? Apparently the fundamental principles it embraces.

First, the Party believes government should be limited as articulated in the Declaration of Independence and resolved in the Constitution, which clearly restrains the power of the federal government. The Party believes in fiscal responsibility — and who wouldn’t be concerned with this wasteful spending and exorbitant debt? The TEA Party supports the free market economic system that has produced the world’s greatest economy, ingenuity and innovation. But most importantly, the TEA Party believes in and holds dear the immutable American principle of individual liberty and freedom.

What American would not embrace those values? It seems President Obama does not and therefore his supporters and Hollywood acolytes like Robert Redford castigate anyone holding these values in opposition to the President as racist.

But the real racists showed themselves last week when Congressman Alan Grayson (D-Fla) sent out a fundraising email using the burning cross of the Ku Klux Klan as the “T” for TEA Party. Grayson accuses the TEA Party of being bigoted. But how can a movement focused on individual liberty for all Americans be bigoted?

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After the uproar from the image, Grayson and no apology and even doubled down on his assertion, yet there was hardly a peep from any Democrats and certainly not from President Obama. Why? The answer is simple. The Democrat party is quite comfortable with the symbology of the burning cross and the Ku Klux Klan, since it was the Democrat party which gave birth to that movement. The Republican party, founded in 1854, was established for one purpose: individual liberty. Then as now, the Democrats stand in opposition to that fundamental American value.

Democrats gave America slavery, secession, segregation, Jim Crow laws, poll taxes, and literacy tests. Their roots are deep in racism and what was once the physical bondage of chains has now been replaced by the metaphysical bondage of economic servitude and enslavement.

Unfortunately, one political mistake changed the narrative to this day. When presidential candidate Richard Nixon made the ill-advised decision not to contact Coretta, the wife of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. and offer support while King was imprisoned, it was John F. Kennedy who seized the moment. Nixon was advised not to upset southern whites, and in so doing, ensured every black household down South — my house included — had three pictures on the wall: Jesus, Dr. King, and President Kennedy.

However, it was President Lyndon Johnson who sealed the loyalty of the black community through the creation of the welfare nanny-state as his remedy for the war on poverty. It was President Johnson who began the destruction of the black family by rewarding women who had children out of wedlock with government checks.

The legacy of the GOP of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, the first black Members of Congress, and the first civil rights legislation was forgotten. The stand that President Dwight Eisenhower made for school desegregation was forgotten. Once upon a time, it was Democrats like George Wallace and Lester Maddox who stood outside the doors blocking access to better education. Today, Democrats stand inside the doors blocking access to the choice of a better education.

Democrats such as Senator Harry Reid refer to the President as light-skinned and speaking without a “Negro dialect.” Vice President Joe Biden characterized President Obama as “clean and articulate.” The soft bigotry of low expectations is now the calling card of the Democrat party, still based in racism.

Why on the 50th Anniversary of Dr. King’s March on Washington was the only black Supreme Court Justice, the only black US Senator, or even the first black female National Security Advisor and Secretary of State absent? It’s simple. None of them fit the bill as the accepted Negro. Instead out came President Obama, the Democrats’ accepted Negro, the one who shut down the DC school voucher program for qualified black children.

Perhaps Congressman Grayson did the TEA Party and the GOP a favor by reminding Americans which is the party of  slavery, secession, segregation and hidden bigotry: the Democrat Party.

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Allen B. West

Congressman Allen West served 22 years in the U.S. Army before being elected to the House of Representatives by the constituents of Florida's 22nd district. Throughout his time in Congress, West consistently stood for policies that would make the United States prosperous, strong and free, even when speaking up was not easy. He is a Fox News contributor, a regular contributor to PJ Media and a Senior Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research.

LTC West also holds a Master of Military Arts and Sciences from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff Officer College in political theory and military operations.

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