ALLEN WEST: Obamacare numbers will never work

Despite the positive press over improvements in the site, the numbers for Obamacare willl never work. Photo: (public)

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Florida, December 2, 2013 –The celebration over the success of is considerably premature. Even if the web site is humming along, the numbers still do not work out for Obamacare.

Between the launch date of October first and March first, Obamacare must have seven million Americans enter into its healthcare exchanges for the plan to be stable. That comes out to approximately 55,000 persons signing up per day. To date, approximately 106,000 have signed up, but there is still debate over whether they have actually purchased healthcare plans.

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However, there is no question an astronomically high number have signed up for MEDICAID, which does not help the Obamacare calculus. Exploding state budgets will be needed to accommodate these increased numbers. Is that yet another unintended consequence of Obamacare, or is it a fully intentional one?

Perhaps that is why we’re already hearing Sen. Harry Reid discuss higher taxes as we draw closer to the January 15 continuing resolution (CR) expiration date.

Another pertinent number is the almost 5 million Americans who have lost their individual healthcare plans because, well, according to President Obama and his administrative minions, they weren’t not smart enough to know what is good for them. Saying something close to 34 times that was not true isn’t a lie, it’s just another case of Obamacare by the numbers.

It is hard to call the Affordable Care Act a law, since it has undergone some 19 amendments by the executive branch with close to 2000 waivers and exemptions granted, as well as countless selective delays. The last delay was for the small business sign-up which was pushed back just a couple of weeks after the November 2014 mid-term elections. Do they really believe we, the American people, are so stupid we can’t see the correlation between the mid-term elections and the Obamacare delay?

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This whole Obamacare endeavor began because we were told there were some 30 million — oops, 35 million, no, 40 million, ahh who knows, it just numbers – who were without healthcare. Yet it is hard to believe anyone in America is truly without access to healthcare if they choose to have it. Even illegals – or more politically correctly, the undocumented seekers of a better life – receive healthcare.

Then we were told it was about making healthcare affordable.

According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), ten years from now there will still be some 30 million Americans without healthcare coverage. Maybe that will come from all those getting cancelled due to regulatory mandates from on high. Also, it seems that on average Americans are experiencing a 41% increase in these new “affordable” healthcare plans.

Perhaps President Obama, then-Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid should have focused on fixing the problem for the 30 million or whatever the number was. Of course that would have required an ability to understand policy instead of progressive socialist politics. For those in need of coverage due to pre-existing conditions, why not establish risk pools and design specific subsidies for those requiring assistance?

If the administration was truly concerned about bending the healthcare cost curve why not start with the crucial issue of catastrophic litigation, tort reform? We all know why, it’s because the trial lawyers lobby is one of the biggest donors to the Democrat party, and the liberal socialists at the Democrat National Committee love those numbers.

Promoting individual responsibility for healthcare is a great way to make the system more affordable which is why health savings accounts (HSAs) are such a viable solution. However, let us not forget how the CEO of Whole Foods was viciously attacked for his positive stance on HSAs. You see, that would be non-taxable earmarked dollars for individuals to take care of their routine medical procedures – instead Obamacare taxes HSAs. So much for incentivizing good healthcare.

Obamacare is nothing more than a massive tax edict that redistributes wealth. Here are those numbers: 21 new types of taxes on capital gains, dividends, HSAs, tanning, and since the government took over college student loans, they raised interest rates and are making a profit.

What is of greatest concern is that the government can now modify behavior by way of taxation through the individual mandate. Why is it that everyone else is getting a delay, waiver, exemption except the hardworking American?

It’s simple. The most important number for Obamacare is the revenue it needs to launch the massive government expansion into healthcare to the tune of 159 new agencies and bureaucracies hidden away in the nearly 2300 pages of legal rhetoric.

In the mid-1880s, economist Frederic Bastiat termed the combination of government greed and misconceived benevolence as “legal plunder.”  He surely predicted Obamacare.

Obamacare by the numbers means higher premiums, higher deductibles, greater unemployment, more people placed on part-time status, more revenue usurped from the middle income Americans, and less access to quality healthcare. 

No wonder greater and greater numbers of Americans are against it.

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Allen B. West

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LTC West also holds a Master of Military Arts and Sciences from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff Officer College in political theory and military operations.

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