Chris Christie and Barack Obama: A bromance for our time

Mitt Romney is now history. Barack Obama is the man, according to Christie Photo: Governor Chris Christie greets President Barack Obama at Atlantic City, N.J. airport AP

WASHINGTON, November 1, 2012 — You know him as the tough, talking kid from Jersey. The guy who takes no guff, know what I mean. He tells you to sit down and shut up, you do it. No back talk.

That’s why the good folks of New Jersey elected him. They were tired of those effete, elite Liberals who were more Princeton than Trenton, more Saddle River than Bayonne. Governor Chris Christie changed all that. A Republican every man, that is if you’re a guy living in Jersey.

And that’s why the GOP selected him as their keynoter at the Republican convention. He would deliver the goods. Well, he almost did. The speech was supposed to be about how wonderful Mitt Romney is and it turned out to be more about how wonderful Chris Christie is. But, hey, Christie is his own guy, sort of a chubbier Clint Eastwood. Only he don’t talk to empty chairs.

But now Christie has a new best bud, Barack Obama, for cryin’ out loud. And Barry and he have gone off together to tour in Helicopter 1, no less, the destruction caused to New Jersey by Hurricane Sandy. Sure, New Jersey got smacked around but good by Sandy, but is that any reason for these two guys to have a bromance. What is this? A buddy flick? What the heck do they have in common? They’re more like Oscar and Felix. 

And face it, Obama isn’t some kid from the Jersey Shore like “The Situation.” This is a guy with an exotic background, maybe too exotic for some, who went to Columbia University and Harvard for a law degree, for Pete’s sake. That’s worst than Princeton.

But Christie can’t sing Barry’s praises enough. Have you heard him? You’d think that Obama not only could walk on water, he could part the Red Sea or at least chased Hurricane Sandy away.

This is our guy Christie on “Morning Joe”: “He [Obama] gave me his number at the White House and told me to call him if I needed anything, and he absolutely means it. It’s been very good working with the president and his administration. It’s been wonderful.”

You just know the Republican leadership is tearing its collective hair out, but do they dare say a word to Christie? Do they want a fat lip?

And then on “Fox and Friends” on Fox News, he gushed again about how great the President is treating him, calling him three times to do whatever is necessary for New Jersey. And he said Obama was just “great.” What about Mitt? He’s history. When asked about Romney coming to the state for a tour of the devastation, Christie snapped that he is “not the least bit interested” in whether Romney is coming to Jersey or not. In fact, he “could care less.” Spoken like a true son of Newark.

So, Mitt, don’t go bringing your boxes of soup and blankets to Jersey. Christie has cast you off for a guy who is real power player, a good who can really deliver the goods. The Prez himself.

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