"Welcome to Obamaville" is Rick Santorum's "Hunger Games" (Video)

Rick Santorum is trying to scare the devil out of us with his creepy campaign ad. Will it work? Photo: Rick Santorum AP

WASHINGTON, March 26, 2012 — Be afraid, be very afraid. The Apocalypse is nearly here. This is the America that could be found in “The Hunger Games.” Only a candidate with Rick Santorum’s conservative Christian credentials would try to scare the devil out of us with his creepy “Welcome to Obamaville” commercial. (See video below)

The latest campaign ad released by the candidate’s campaign, and not some shadowy Super PAC, shows an America devastated by a catastrophic event, the re-election of President Obama. The video looks like a horror film and the voice over gives us the chills as the camera sweeps across desolate streets, shuttered businesses, huge blackbirds taking to the sky, a man holding a gas pump to his head, while the face of the President switches back and forth into that of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. And the flame of religious liberty is snuffed out, leaving darkness.

The ominous narrator says: “Imagine a small American town two years from now, if Obama is elected. Small businesses are struggling and families are worried about their jobs and their future. The wait to see a doctor is ever increasing. Gas prices, through the roof.”

Will a smear ad of this proportion backfire? You never know. Obviously, the Santorum campaign is gambling otherwise, promising this is only one of a series of eight such ads they will be running in the coming months.

Of course, due to the lack of money in his campaign war chest, the Santorum campaign can’t run this ad in any major primary election markets, so it can only be found on his website. Or on Fox News or MSNBC. Or you can see it here following this column.

Santorum strategist John Brabender, the mastermind behind the ad, says the harsh assessment of another possible Obama term is based on “Obama’s incompetence and the harsh reality of life in America on his watch.”  He added, “It [the ad] will illustrate how radically life will change for the average American when we have out of control gas prices, the full impact of Obamacare, and the daily nightmare of a nuclear armed Iran.”

You have to wonder at the hissy fit Santorum would have thrown if Romney or, God forbid, Obama ran such a campaign ad about Rick. But obviously when it comes to down and dirty, Santorum plays by different rules. It’s ok for him try to subliminally make the Iranian president and our President the same person, the one the ad calls the “sworn American enemy.”

Does Rick Santorum really expect to be treated with respect as a candidate? This ad along with his innuendoes that no real Republican could vote for Mitt Romney make him as flawed a candidate a Newt Gingrich. Whether cursing at a reporter or reviling gays or saying contraception has no place even in marriage, Santorum had become a figure of doom and gloom with his moral certitude. Is America ready for a President Santorum? He certainly doesn’t seem ready. 

Yet what makes the video all the more menacing is that you know that somewhere in “Welcome to Obamaville” there is another figure lurking, deep in the shadows, the one who okayed the ad. Don’t look now, but Santorum is slowly morphing into the Freddy Kruger of this campaign.

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