Ron Paul declines Trump's debate and raises The Donald's ire

Ron Paul declines Donald Trump's invite to the debate The Donald is moderating. Is it hurt feelings over being given the cold shoulder that has The Donald calling Dr. Paul Photo: Associated Press

EASTON, Md., December 5, 2011 — Sellf-proclaimed master of the universe and on-off again failed presidential candidate  Donald Trump, appearing on Fox and Friends this morning. declared that Congressman Ron Paul is a “joke.” 

Why the hostility?  Ron Paul declined Trump’s invitation to appear at a December 27 Trump-hosted debate in Iowa.

Over the weekend, Congressman Paul followed the example of former Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman in bowing out of what is fast becoming a controversial Presidential debate for Republican candidates.

Paul’s national campaign chairman, Jesse Benton, issued this statement:

“The selection of a reality television personality to host a presidential debate that voters nationwide will be watching is beneath the office of the Presidency and flies in the face of that office’s history and dignity.

“ Mr. Trump’s participation as moderator will distract from questions and answers concerning important issues such as the national economy, crushing federal government debt, the role of the federal government, foreign policy, and the like. To be sure, Mr. Trump’s participation will contribute to an unwanted circus-like atmosphere.”

Trump shot back, “Few people take Ron Paul seriously and many of his views and presentation make him a clown-like candidate.” 


The only problem with The Donald’s assessment is that his opinion flies in the face of the recent Des Moines Register poll that found Paul has 18% of Iowa caucus goers for him, behind Newt with 25%, but ahead of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney who was third with only 16%.

Donald Trump, Anointer-in-Chief? Image: AP

But former House Speaker Newt Gingrich who is not daunted by the circus debate, presided over by ringmaster Trump, became the very first candidate to say yes, and enthusiastically.

Skipping this debate, Newt explains, would be like snubbing Bill Gates. Really, he said that. You can’t make up this stuff.

 “I can’t imagine what a debate hosted by Donald Trump would be like. How could you turn down The Donald?” Newt told reporters. “I would want to go just for the entertainment value. Trump is a unique American character…it’d be like if Bill Gates called ….”

Meanwhile Karl Rove, aka Bush’s Brain, has encouraged the other Republican presidential hopefuls not to take part in the debate, asking on Fox News, “Should a guy who’s going to endorse be the impartial moderator of the debate?” 

Trump has said that following the debate he would select the person he believes should be elected. In other words, it’s “kiss the ring,” or some other part of the anatom, time.

Rove continued, “It’s going to be a giant ego trip, and anybody who thinks Donald Trump is going to be the equivalent of Bret Baier, or any of the other moderators we’ve had, is kidding themselves.

“More importantly, what the heck are the Republican candidates doing showing up at a debate with a guy who says, ‘I may run for president next year as an independent.’?”

Trump’s response to Rove’s remarks? He said that Rove is the reason Obama won the presidency and that Rove will now be leading the Republicans “to doom.”

As for Huntsman also bowing out, Trump trumpeted that Huntsman has been calling his office over and over, but he has turned Huntsman down. Huntsman says, not true, that he never wanted to meet with Trump.

Hmmm, wonder who is telling the truth?

Letting Ron Paul have the last word, Paul told CNN’s State of the Union: “I don’t understand the marching to his [Trump’s] office. I didn’t know he had the ability to lay on hands and anoint people.”

Obviously Trump thinks he does. The only problem is that The Donald has this phobia about germs and avoids touching people, much less anointing them.

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